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Gen Z Employees Aren’t Checked Out at Work, They’re Hungry for Mentorship

A recent survey of young workers found that many are not getting the mentorship they crave and the training they need.

By Shalene Gupta, Fast Company (TNS)

The future lies with the next generation, and to understand this, pundits are peering into their crystal balls, trying to figure out what Gen Z wants from work. Adobe surveyed over 1,000 Gen Z employees with up to three years of work experience. Here are the highlights:

  • They’re on board the generative AI train: 50% say they use it in their work but only 35% say their employer has implemented guidelines on using generative AI, and 59% say they are not worried that it will replace their jobs.
  • They are hungry for mentorship: Forget the stories about Gen Z being checked out. According to the survey, 83% say mentorship is crucial for their development but only 52% reported having a mentor, and 48% said they wanted more training on the hard skills related to their job.
  • They want their work to matter: 70% are eager to grow in impact and dream of climbing up to the C-suite, and 78% said it was important to connect with their workplace’s values. Interestingly, 84% said their current employer is doing a good job of being a good corporate citizen.

“Gen Z is disrupting the way we work. They are curious about new technologies … demand a diverse and inclusive workplace with career growth opportunities, and care deeply about personal and company values alignment,” said Cortney Erin, vice president of global talent acquisition at Adobe.


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