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Jennifer Wilson – 2023 Most Powerful Women in Accounting

Jennifer Wilson

2023 Most Powerful Women in Accounting
Partner & Co-Founder

ConvergenceCoaching, LLC

How do you envision the accounting profession evolving in the foreseeable future for women?

Women are rising! As Baby Boomers continue to retire and Gen X, Y and Z ascend to leadership, I envision the profession being led with more equity and parity, with an increasing number of women owners and Managing Partners. I also envision a profession where men feel empowered to take paternity leave and share equally with their significant others in their home life, such that balance, flexibility and family-first becomes the norm, not the exception, for all gender identities.

What advice would you give to women college students about preparing for a career in the accounting profession?

Give yourself the grace to figure out your path as you go. Don’t think you have it all mapped out. Try to experience different kinds of client work and leadership and management opportunities to find the places where you are most interested, where your gifts lie, where the greatest need is. You have unlimited options, so don’t lock yourself in too soon!

How would you advise accounting firms on how they can better attract, retain, and advance more women?

To attract and retain more women, feature more female role models in EVERYTHING, your online marketing, on-campus recruiting, community service, presenting at internal meetings, as active leadership team participants and more.

What is your favorite professional mobile app, and why?

I love Snapchat! I have streaks with my three daughters and husband Brian that are THOUSANDS of days – it is a great way to connect quickly and visually, and the video and filters are awesome! I stay in touch with my nieces and nephews, co-workers, some clients and others who live away from me almost daily in a fun way.

What do you like to do when you have time away from work?

So many things and not enough time! Gardening, running, yoga, practicing Pure Barre, organizing my house, hanging out with my husband and/or daughters shopping, watching movies and traveling, spending time with my Dad, catching up with my friends.

What are your favorite podcasts?

Glennon Doyle’s We Do Hard Things; Dan Hood’s Accounting Today On the Air; J of A podcasts.


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