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AICPA Leadership Academy Accepting 2023 Applications

The AICPA Leadership Academy is designed to strengthen and expand the leadership skills of promising young professionals.

The American Institute of CPAs is now accepting applications for the 2023 session of its Leadership Academy. This four-day immersive experience, led by Elizabeth Burkhalter, senior manager of young member/early career initiatives on the Diversity and Inclusion team, is suitable for young accounting professionals seeking to explore leadership, what that means, and how that impacts their personal life, career path, and the CPA profession.  

The AICPA Leadership Academy is designed to strengthen and expand the leadership skills of promising young professionals as they network with a peer group of talented and motivated CPAs. Through participation in the AICPA Leadership Academy, next-generation CPAs learn directly from the experts what it means to be a strong leader, forge relationships with like-minded professionals and expand their skills. They leave empowered to become capable leaders within their organization, their community, and the profession. The AICPA Leadership Academy prepares future CPA leaders to address challenges and steer the profession through a continually evolving global business environment.

“The Leadership Academy will challenge you and inspire you to not only focus on your competence and character but also focus on your consciousness. You will become more aware of your reactive leadership tendencies and how to embrace your creative leadership,” said Leadership Academy graduate, Blaise Wabo, CPA. “If you want to elevate your leadership and build a great network of like-minded professionals, the Leadership Academy is a must-attend program.”

Participants in the program will embark on leadership training meant to inspire and empower. The interactive workshop provides participants a nurturing space to partake in leadership training, engage in networking activities and listen to presentations from thought leaders in the profession.

To date, more than 475 CPAs have participated in the AICPA Leadership Academy, many of whom have gone on to leadership positions within their firms, businesses, or volunteer organizations.

“Being a great leader takes much more than just a title. The Leadership Academy is designed for emerging leaders to strengthen their leadership skills, “said AICPA & CIMA Diversity and Inclusion Director, Crystal Cooke. “Not only do they gain insight into their own leadership style, but they learn strategies for effectively leading others as well as how they can contribute to making their organizations better. They also gain lifelong relationships with accountability partners and like-minded peers. The four-day academy allows someone looking to further their career all the tools and strategies they require while adding incredibly valuable experiences and relationships.”

 Applications are open through June 30th.

To learn more about the AICPA Leadership Academy, click here.