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Accounting Top 100 Social Media Leaderboard – Feb. 1, 2023

The Accounting Top 100 social media leaderboard scores and ranks users based on five separate metrics, each of which is weighted according to its perceived value.

Today’s smart phones have become essential communication devices with at-our-fingertips applications that connect us to our social spheres, news, and technology. This release we asked our participants to share the most-used apps on their smart phones and as expected, we received some interesting responses and recommendations that we plan to check out!

Be sure to scroll down this article to read highlights or click on the #AccountingTop100 hashtag to read the conversations on Twitter.  

You won’t want to miss the highlights from the latest Top 100…

Our spotlight this week is on Tom Wheelwright, CPA, founder and CEO of WealthAbility out of Tempe, Arizona, whose leap of 94 spots from #184 to land at #90 drew our attention with this leaderboard release!

The best-selling author of Tax-Free Wealth, Wheelwright is a wealth and tax expert, global speaker, podcaster, and entrepreneur who prides himself on making taxes fun, easy and understandable. Tom specializes in helping entrepreneurs and investors build wealth through practical and strategic ways that permanently reduce taxes.

Of note, Tom is a Rich Dad Advisor to Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad) and frequently speaks at conferences worldwide to entrepreneurs on these topics. His work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Forbes, Accounting Today, Investor’s Business Daily, FOX & Friends, ABC News Radio, NPR, Marketplace and many more media.

Tom recently teamed up with fellow Accounting Top 100 cohort, Jody Padar, CPA, to host Secrets to Successful Services Pricing and Firm Staffing as part of their Revolutionary Accounting Series webinars. You can check out the webinar recording along with other videos on Tom’s YouTube channel.

We are honored to have Tom as valued member of our Accounting Top 100 Social Media Leaderboard!

Moving on up this week is Dawn Brolin, CPA who advanced 73 spots from #168 to place at #95! You can find Team Brolin in Windham, Connecticut. Way to go, Dawn, keep up the momentum!

New to the Accounting Top 100 Leaderboard are Fred Toroni, CPA, MBA and Kyle Johnson, CPA. Welcome to this community, Fred and Kyle!

Check out the latest leaderboard here:

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How the leaderboard works: The Accounting Top 100 social media leaderboard uses an algorithm that scores and ranks users based on five separate metrics, each of which is weighted according to its perceived value. These five metrics are calculated every two weeks and combined to form a Power Score: a 1-100 value based on Rise.Global’s Relative Scoring Method. This Power Score determines a user’s rank on each new leaderboard release.

Want to see yourself rank even higher?

Remember, a new leaderboard with updated rankings is generated every two weeks, so keep up the great work on social media and watch your ranking climb.

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