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Intuit Develops Team and Strategy to Take Accountants to the Next Level

Intuit is focusing its efforts to help grow your practice and scale your impact, equipping you with the accountant-specific products, tools, and programs you need to be more efficient ...

For 40 years, Intuit has strived to deliver on the shared mission to help accountants and small businesses. To help make that happen, Intuit has a strong foundational belief that when small businesses are connected with you—the accounting professional—both parties can truly thrive.

With this in mind, Intuit is focusing its efforts to help grow your practice and scale your impact, equipping you with the accountant-specific products, tools, and programs you need to be more efficient, save time, expand your QuickBooks knowledge and expertise, and grow your practice. While QuickBooks Online Accountant and the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program are ever-present in your practice, Intuit is upping their game with an exciting new development.

To continue their effort of driving small business-accountant connections, and delivering the products and services you need to grow and scale, Intuit is expanding their team to focus on product strategy, improvements, and innovations that speed up your workflow and bring insights that allow you to be even more with your clients.

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Helping lead the team is Jeremy Sulzmann, vice president and general manager of the Intuit QuickBooks Partners Segments. Having already spent more than six years leading the QuickBooks Self-Employed and Developer businesses, Sulzmann is well-versed in your pain points and needs, and looks forward to continuing the journey of helping you thrive and working with his new team to make it a reality.

Jeremy Sulzmann

“It’s an honor to lead a team focused on delivering innovations designed to help accountants experience greater time savings and workflow efficiencies, so they can spend even more time advising and guiding their small business clients,” said Sulzmann. “I look forward to deepening our partnership with this highly engaged, passionate community.”

Ted Callahan, director accountant partnership and strategy, will continue to work closely with the accountant community as part of Sulzmann’s team. Callahan brings extensive experience to the table, having already worked hard to represent accountants’ voices across the QuickBooks platform to inform product strategy, with a focus on delivering improvements and innovations that matter most to accountants.

Ted Callahan

Spearheading Callahan’s team is Jessica McCracken, who also has years of experience with Intuit and is a key member driving community engagement. She will organize Intuit’s QuickBooks Partner Councils, and provide other event and feedback touchpoints throughout the year.

Callahan is looking forward to continuing his work with the team to deliver the tools and resources you need to succeed.

“Expanding the team focused on delivering for accountants demonstrates our continued commitment to their success,” said Callahan. “I’m excited to continue to prioritize and deliver the products and services you and your clients need.”

One way Intuit is doing just that is in its recent launch of a new article series called “Your feedback in action.” This series will focus on sharing the most relevant product improvements, updates, and changes based on your feedback. The new article series will also tell you about business decisions that guide Intuit products, platform strategies, and priorities, as well as events where you can learn more details about decisions made. You can also share your feedback directly with leaders across the QuickBooks Online platform.

Jessica McCracken

When it comes to identifying these new product opportunities, improvements, and changes, the series is broken down into three priority areas to get you what you want, and what you need, to grow your practice:

1. Listen to feedback. Intuit is your advocate across the QuickBooks platform. They’re committed to listening to your feedback and learning from you, so that they can help you prioritize and deliver the product capabilities you and your clients need. Intuit receives more than 10,000 pieces of feedback from accountants every month, which their team reviews, shares with its leaders, and uses strategically as critical inputs to help shape their products and services.

2. Make changes at speed and scale. Intuit strives to make platform and product improvements at speed and scale. Because that speed can potentially cause friction for you and your clients, Intuit is committed to proactively communicating with you early, and often, about improvements and changes made across the QuickBooks platform. They want you to hear about product changes before your clients do, and will do everything in their power to help ensure the changes they make are clear and actionable, so that you and your clients can maintain momentum with minimal business disruption.

3. Learn from data and trends. The accounting profession is constantly evolving, and Intuit is at the forefront of that evolution. Their strategic investments are aligned with data revealed through product use, requests, and feedback. They care about the problems you face, designing their products and services to specifically help you and your clients. At the same time, they plan to stay on top and ahead of the latest trends and tech advancements, from artificial intelligence and omnichannel commerce, to virtual experiences and digital money offerings to help ensure they’re delivering for you and your clients.

To get a glimpse of how Intuit is putting your input into action, check out this table in a recent article. As the expanded team continues to work on product improvements and changes—and communicating them to you before your clients are aware of them—they welcome any feedback or comments to help them improve your experience. You can do so here.

Stay tuned for more exciting details, changes, and improvements to help you and the broader accountant community stay informed and motivated for a bright future.