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David Cristello – 2022 “20 Under 40” Top Influencer

David Cristello – 2022 20 Under 40 Top Influencer

Founder and CEO
Jetpack Workflow

David Cristello is a game-changer, ushering new ideas into accounting, a profession that’s been around for thousands of years. 

He’s an innovator, leading the development of Jetpack Workflow, an award-winning workflow software for accounting and bookkeeping firms. As a non-technical founder, David relied on customer-centric ideas and empathy to help pre-sell and then grow the company from a spare-bedroom idea to being ranked on the Inc. 5000 (#676) within the first four years of operation. 

He produces and hosts a popular podcast series, “Growing Your Firm,” and is a respected writer of blogs and eBooks, and co authored the best-selling, “Double Your Accounting Firm: Lessons Learned on How Top Firms Grow Faster, Build Stronger Teams, and Increase Profit.” In a focused and impactful way, David is helping others embrace the modernization and changes that are redefining the accounting industry. 

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