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Firm Management

BDO USA Admits 69 New Partners and Principals

The class for fiscal year 2023 includes 49 new partners and 20 new principals.

Chicago-based BDO USA, the sixth largest accounting firm in the U.S. by revenue, announced today its class of 49 new partners and 20 new principals for fiscal year 2023.

Of the 69 promoted to partner or principal, 19 work in assurance and another 19 work in tax—the most of any of BDO’s business units.

Those admitted to the partnership include:


  • Nori Akahira, Assurance, Los Angeles
  • Scott Ashworth, Tax, Atlanta
  • James Backes, Tax, St. Louis
  • Matt Bartholomew, Transaction Advisory Services, Salt Lake City
  • Rivka Bier, Tax, Baltimore
  • Emily Buckles, Tax, Detroit
  • Heidi Boos Chambers, Assurance, Chicago
  • Jane Cheung, Tax, Houston
  • Meghan Depp, Professional Practice, Detroit
  • Steve DiPardo, Tax, Stamford, CT
  • Dean Drummond, Assurance, Boston
  • Mary Espinosa, Assurance, Orange County, CA
  • Sara Ficken, Professional Practice, Atlanta
  • Barbara Finke, Assurance, Jacksonville, FL
  • Maggie Gilmore, Tax, Columbus, OH
  • Roscelle Gonzales, Professional Practice, Chicago
  • Michael Hansen, Assurance, Detroit
  • Jeff Hatch, Assurance, Salt Lake City
  • Cory Hill, Tax, Chicago
  • Chris Huber, Assurance, Pittsburgh
  • Ryan Jones, Assurance, Raleigh, NC
  • Asim Khan, Assurance, Dallas
  • Scott Klein, International Tax Services, Miami
  • Lashaun King, Assurance, Raleigh, NC
  • Michael Krivak, Third Party Attestation, Minneapolis
  • Jon Lee, Tax, Jacksonville, FL
  • Jason Lipschultz, Third Party Attestation, Chicago
  • Michael Masciangelo, National Tax Office, Houston
  • Kevin McIntyre, Assurance, Chicago
  • Michelle Melnar, Tax, Houston
  • Larry Miao, National Tax Office, New York City
  • Kasra Mojtahedi, Industry Specialty Services, Washington, DC
  • Joseph Pancamo, Global Employer Services Market Leader, Dallas
  • Bethany Pashel, Assurance, Spokane, WA
  • Tara Pendleton, Professional Practice, Spokane, WA
  • Veena Raja, Assurance, Houston
  • Roland Reimink, Chief Accounting Officer, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Alex Rodriguez, Transaction Advisory Services, Orange County, CA
  • Tim Schram, State and Local Tax Services, Chicago
  • Kyle Sewell, National Assurance Professional Practice, Atlanta
  • Ripal Shah, Assurance, Houston
  • Katie Spiegler, Assurance, Cleveland
  • Patrick Stone, Transaction Advisory Services, Boston
  • Brendan Sullivan, Transaction Advisory Services, Denver
  • Peter Terilli, Global Value Chain and International Tax, Dallas
  • Ronald Totoli, Assurance, Miami
  • Greg Turner, Professional Practice, Boston
  • Tom Wang, Business Restructuring and Turnaround Services, New York City
  • Jam Yap, Assurance, Orange County, CA


  • Geoff Aldridge, Tax, Chicago
  • Mark Antalik, Governance, Risk & Compliance, Boston
  • Michael Bauer, National Tax Office, Pittsburgh
  • Mandy Carroll, Risk Advisory Services, Boston
  • Ian Cooper, Management Advisory Services, Atlanta
  • Jared Crafton, Fraud Investigations and Litigation, Boston
  • Steven Gin, Risk Advisory Services, Los Angeles
  • Steven Kurtz, Valuation and Capital Markets Analysis, New York City
  • Ilya Lipin, State and Local Tax Services, Philadelphia
  • Cathryn McAleavey, BDO FMA, Long Island, NY
  • Vincent Mercader, Transaction Advisory Services, Detroit
  • Geoff Merritt, Industry Specialty Services, Boston
  • Mark Millard, Forensic Risk Insurance, Woodbridge, NJ
  • Chrissa Qiu, Valuation and Capital Market Analysis, San Francisco
  • Ronii Rizzo, Global Employer Services, Charlotte, NC
  • Wally Seliga, Cloud, Security and Infrastructure Practice Leader, Chicago
  • Thomas Stringer, Management Advisory Services and Site Selections and Incentives Practice Leader, Long Island, NY
  • Michael Tepper, Third Party Attestation, New York City
  • Robby Vanrijkel, Industry Specialty Services, Washington, DC
  • Polina Vesna, Global Tax Outsourcing Practice Leader, Stamford, CT

“I am pleased to welcome this dedicated group of professionals to the partnership,” said BDO USA CEO Wayne Berson. “Each of these individuals embody our core purpose of helping people thrive every day. They deliver exceptional client service, help to guide and mentor our professionals, and serve as leaders in their communities. I am excited to see how they will continue to drive growth and innovation for the firm in 2023 and beyond.”