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AccountantsWorld by Iris Adds Employee Self-Service Functions to Payroll System

The new solution enables accountants to offer clients a streamlined process to onboard their employees onto the payroll system, and the ability for those employees to manage ...


IRIS Software Group (IRIS), a global software provider of technology for accounting professionals, has launched an Employee Self Service (ESS) module for Payroll Relief, its cloud-based live payroll processing system from AccountantsWorld By IRIS. The new solution enables accountants to offer clients a streamlined process to onboard their employees onto the payroll system, and the ability for those employees to manage data updates through a single, centralized portal. 

The solution was developed in response to the growing demand for payroll systems that drive efficiency by reducing manual data entry with heightened accuracy. According to EY, 32% of payroll organizations considered inaccurate employee data in payroll systems to be their topmost compliance challenge in 2021. The new AccountantsWorld by IRIS ESS module mitigates that challenge by giving employees full control over their personal payroll data while enabling accountants to collaborate more closely with their clients to foster a mutually beneficial relationship that can reduce time and resource requirements and increase revenues. 

Accountants can now improve client retention by providing additional value-add services and becoming an integrated service provider with their clients to increase revenue.  

For businesses, the new module streamlines human resources processes with heightened data accuracy. In turn, HR teams can onboard employees more quickly while maintaining compliance through centralized employee training management.  

For employees, the new ESS module provides a secure platform to reduce onboarding times to as little as fifteen minutes. Employees can now seamlessly access, enter and update their individual payroll profiles, modify personal information 24/7, and view and join training sessions required by their employer, all in one secure platform designed to safeguard personal data.  

The new module is available to all new and existing Payroll Relief users as an add-on to their existing services.  

“The new ESS module drives efficiency and productivity through its standardized approach to data entry with heightened security,” said Tyler Winn, Founder and President of Cirrus Payroll. The benefits of ESS for our customers and their employees are easily marketable by reducing manual data entry, thus fostering continued growth for the firm through established relationships.”   

“Our clients already see the benefits of ESS within their businesses. The module allows remote workers and their employers to upload and share sensitive documents such as identification or performance reviews through a secure platform instead of email. Furthermore, automating the onboarding process reduces the workload for employers.” 

“Payroll is a key offering for accountants who want to expand their value-added services to clients and foster stronger relationships to drive continued firm growth,” said Jim Dunham, President and General Manager, IRIS Software Group. This latest offering reflects our continued commitment to innovation and investment to best serve our customers’ employee management needs.” 

“AccountantsWorld has been committed for 20 years to making payroll processing more automated and simpler for our customers,” said Div Bhansali, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, AccountantsWorld by IRIS. “The new ESS capabilities significantly reduce onboarding times and enable accountants to accelerate payroll processing times, ensure compliance and introduce additional services to ultimately increase revenue. IRIS has always been committed to streamlining labor-intensive processes, and we’re proud that this new module will deliver measurable value to accountants, employees and firms to adopt continued payroll process efficiency.”