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IMA Launches Sustainability and DE&I Certificate Programs for Accountants

Each program includes a cumulative assessment where participants can earn a certificate and digital badge.

The Institute of Management Accountants released two certificate programs today: one is focused on sustainable business practices, and the other is focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) in the accounting and finance profession.

Both programs address important issues related to both topics that are critical for today’s business professionals. Each includes a cumulative assessment where participants can earn a professional certificate and digital badge.

“Business practices on sustainability and DE&I are still relatively new areas being addressed by organizations, and these certificate programs are getting essential information into the accounting and finance field, reflecting changes in business expectations,” said Jackie Oppenheim, CPTD, CAE, vice president, education and career services at IMA. “The certificate programs serve as a type of training for all professionals, specifically for senior leaders who need to get up to speed on both areas, and for future leaders to see that they are making a difference. Achieving these certificates demonstrates to employers a level of competence and understanding of how these two areas affect the accounting and finance function, and the ability to contribute too.”

The IMA Sustainability Business Practices Certificate will give participants the basics about sustainable business practices, how they relate to current issues the world is facing, and how all of it will impact financial processes and strategic directions moving forward. The program covers topics including the demystification of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) matters, partnering for the integration of sustainability in business, and strategies, planning, performance, monitoring, and reporting in a sustainable business environment. The program consists of six courses.

The IMA Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Practices Certificate will give participants the tools and practices to foster a DE&I environment. The program features interactive exercises that demystify DE&I, reveal the overlap between DE&I and sustainability, and illustrate ethical imperatives to champion DE&I initiatives within the accounting and finance profession. The content is based on IMA’s thought leadership and research publications, boasting dozens of actionable practices to establish a sense of belonging, improve organizational innovation, and attract, retain, and promote diverse talent. The program consists of five courses.

More information on the sustainability certificate program can be found here. Click here for more information about the DE&I program.