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Orumé Hays, CPA, CGMA, MST – 2022 Most Powerful Women in Accounting

As new generations of accounting professionals aspire to leadership roles in the profession, it is inspiring to look to those who have attained those ranks ahead of them. The AICPA and CPA Practice Advisor partner each year to honor ...

Orume Hays CPA

Orumé Hays, CPA, CGMA, MST

2022 Most Powerful Women in Accounting
Founder & Managing Director



  1. She has been the driving force to create a culture of excellence, innovation, and inclusion. If she is a vendor, she has helped to develop the technologies and solutions that will empower organizations to be more productive and profitable.
  2. She is one of the top leaders in the accounting profession and her leadership has had a demonstrable effect upon the accomplishments of the organization with which she is associated.
  3. She is a mentor, sponsor, and a role model, someone who stands out in her ability to encourage and help those around her thrive and flourish.
  4. The work she does is influential and is having a positive impact on the accounting profession as a whole.


What do you feel is the most important issue facing the accounting profession today?

There are a number of issues facing the profession today, and I feel the most important one is the high exodus from the profession. We have been experiencing a high volume of burnout within the last two years as a result of dealing with the effects of COVID-19 and the implementation of the relief programs, as well as the adaption of new regulations. This has really taken a toll on many of us working in the profession. Rarely a week goes by without news of another CPA opting for early retirement or making a career switch. Those who are not permanently leaving the profession are taking a long leave of absence; we hope they all return as we really need them. I also hear from many in the profession who are essentially hanging on by a thin thread, and they say they are ready to call it quits any moment now. This all has an adverse effect on our workforce.

So, considering the fact that baby boomers are retiring at a faster pace than the students filling the pipeline to enter the profession, we really need to stabilize the exodus out of the profession.

What one thing would you recommend accountants do to prepare for the future?

The profession is constantly changing, and it is very easy for accountants to be left behind if we are not prepared for the future. I think continuous training and development is critical for future readiness. Something that has been extremely helpful for me is leveraging my professional memberships for continuous education. The technical and developmental resources I have gained from the AICPA and my state CPA society – New York – have been priceless. My recommendation is that if you are not a member of your state society, and of the AICPA, please become a member today. Some colleagues say there is not much value in belonging to both organizations; however, they fulfill different buckets of our professional needs and they are extremely helpful when it comes to meeting the future requirements of the profession. Yes there are other professional organizations that produce good results but these are my top two.

What one skill or experience would you recommend that young women getting started in the accounting profession master?

Build on your engagement skills. This engagement skill encompasses a number of other soft skills namely communication and participation. Build on your active listening skills, it is so easy to tune out of a discussion especially if we have a desired pre-determined outcome. Good listening skills tend to yield better results. Additionally, I say build on your speaking skills. The ability to communicate effectively with team members will serve you well when you start to communicate with members of any leadership team. Ultimately this skill translates to higher confidence and more opportunities no matter where one lands. Regardless of if you are the only female in the room, or you are one amongst many, you can stand your ground and overcome any challenge that come your way.


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