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HubSync and Thomson Reuters Partner to Drive Automation and Innovation within Public Accounting

HubSync and Thomson Reuters will provide royalty-free and open access to each of their Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and will work together to further build on their capabilities in automating and modernizing how ...


HubSync has entered into a partnership with Thomson Reuters to collaborate on driving new technology integrations aimed at simplifying, automating and streamlining a range of processes across the tax and accounting industry. The combined platform capabilities, which allow accounting firms to better leverage integrations, drive efficiencies and increase client satisfaction, are immediately available for customer implementation.

Under the agreement, HubSync and Thomson Reuters will provide royalty-free and open access to each of their Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and will work together to further build on their capabilities in automating and modernizing how accounting gets done. The partnership recognizes HubSync as the leading technology integration platform serving the tax and accounting industry.

“This partnership represents a pivotal step forward for the tax industry as HubSync and Thomson Reuters combine the power of our platforms for the benefit of our clients,” said John McGowan, Founder & CEO of HubSync. “The combination of our resources will help firms seamlessly integrate technology solutions into their everyday functions. We’re excited about introducing our forward-thinking capabilities to new clients as part of this partnership.

The partnership benefits customers by empowering them to better leverage integrations and drive greater synergies that will maximize their efficiency and increase overall client satisfaction with modern processes.

“As an innovator and a leader in the industry, Thomson Reuters partners with like-minded companies” said Elizabeth Beastrom, President of Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting.  “HubSync’s speed of development and nimble work style complement Thomson Reuters open API architecture and we couldn’t be more excited about the efficiencies we are now able to bring to premier accounting firms.”