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Sergio Avalos – 2021 20 Under 40 Top Influencer

Sergio Avalos

Sergio Avalos – 2021 20 Under 40 Top Influencer

Manager Indirect Tax Technology

Career highlights: 

Sergio was recently awarded the 2021 Alteryx Excellence Award for this development in analytic process automation in tax engines. He uses Alteryx to perform massive testing of the engine’s configuration by fully automating the creation of thousands of test scenarios to validate the configuration, reducing the time effort by 99.92%

Sergio has a non-traditional background, combining a bachelor in electrical engineering with a master of laws (LLM) in International tax law from Maastricht University (The Netherlands). He is currently writing his PhD in International Tax Law at the same university.

Sergio Avalos is a Manager in PwC, where he combines technology with transaction-based taxes, such as Sales and Use Tax (SUT), Value-Added Tax (VAT) and Goods and Services Tax (GST). He is based in London and splits his time working with PwC’s US and UK firms, with which he works in tax engine implementations, maintenance and updates.

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