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Minal Babaria, CPA, CTC, CTP – 2021 40 Under 40 Honoree


Minal Babaria, CPA, CTC, CTP – 2021 40 Under 40 Honoree

CEO & Co-founder
KB Tax Deviser CPAs

Career highlights: 

Because I was a woman, my parents were told, maybe, to not even have me. But if they did, certainly not invest a dime in my education or put any time & energy into it. I moved to this country with absolutely no ability or awareness and built and created a business here. Once I decided to build an incredibly successful accounting practice standing in the space, not only for women, not only for entrepreneurship but for people who are not born in this country, to create more magic than anybody thought possible. And with just the last 12 months, we’ve saved people $11.9 million in taxes, more than $60 million in loans, and funding for small businesses during this pandemic.

We’ve been accepted and written about in Forbes, and many accounting practices ask us, how are you doing this? Most importantly, we haven’t even started yet! Because I invest in my education, training, and development, I desire to stand in the space of all business people to help women and entrepreneurs understand, know, and be present to their extraordinariness. And to overcome every limiting belief they ever had, in their ability to grow, build, scale, or exit, to create anything they want and their heart desires. After witnessing my father struggle with his own business and being a woman entrepreneur myself, and being in the space of business and money for over thirty years I have seen what it takes to succeed inside out. Because when we know who we are, what our unique gifts are, and how to use them- then there’s no limit on what we can accomplish together! I stand for the impossible, and I believe not only in faith and incredible hard work, but I believe that the investment of that hard work into the most intentional integrous strategic ways makes your dreams come true.

    My mission is to change the world one CPA at a time by providing CPA candidates at firms and universities with personalized CPA exam mentorship, accountability, community, study tutorials, and tutoring.

    What are you doing to make a difference in the profession, your community, the world?

    Invited to be the Board Chair for East Penn Chamber of Commerce, due to my commitment & dedication to serve small businesses in the community. Interviewed by others in the profession including accountants, leading tax planning software developers. Passionately helping womens of color & ethnicity to start their own businesses, committed social business helping to provide nutritional support to malnourished childrens.

    Favorite books/websites/podcasts/speakers/bloggers that you find influential:

    Principle by Ray Dalio, Traction by Gino Wickman, Who Smart Geoff, Tony Robbins, Sean Callagy, Keith Cunnigham, Dominique Molina (CPA), Andrew Argue(CPA), Bob Jennings (CPA), Jackie Meyer(CPA), Bradford Tax Institute

    What do you like best about the accounting profession?

    Business owners know how to make money. But being able to assist in driving their decisions strategically so that they can reduce their expenses, take calculated risks and effectively save on taxes, to protect, build and increase their wealth for their families & beyond is what I really enjoy being an accountant. Most business owners have blind faith in their accountants and they believe they are helping them to the fullest, only to find out they are just another client to be knocked out for tax due date in their firm, resulting in high expenses, more tax payment then required or non-compliance issue, causing lots of stress to business owners (my dad had been a victim of this, which inspired me to be an Accountant). I love waking up in the morning & helping business owners make their dreams come true & create more money in less time to have more magic in their life.

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