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Apps We Love: November 2020 – Our Favorite Podcasts

Although podcasts are a popular commuter pastime and commuting is down somewhat during the pandemic, podcast measurement company Chartable reports that podcast downloads in September increased 150 percent over January of this year.


We chose to veer a bit from traditional apps this month and catch up with members of our community to learn what they have been listening to in the way of podcasts. Although podcasts are a popular commuter pastime and commuting is down somewhat during the pandemic, podcast measurement company Chartable reports that podcast downloads in September increased 150 percent over January of this year. And lest you worry that you might run of out podcasts, Edison Research and Triton Digital report that as of April of this year, there are more than 800,000 podcasts available and over 54 million episodes available worldwide. Here’s what your colleagues are listening to:

Cloud Accounting by Blake Oliver and David Leary, recommended by Nick Pasquarosa, founder and CEO, Also recommended by Donny Shimamoto, CPA.CITP, CGMA, Intraprise TechKnowlogies LLC: ” David & Blake provide some good infotainment with the news in the bookkeeping segment of our profession. But often when they venture into the tax and audit space, they are quite off mark, so just remember that they both come from the bookkeeping and small firm perspective when listening to the podcast.”

The Soul of Enterprise by Ed Kless and Ron Baker, recommended by Hector Garcia, CPA.CITP, QuickBooks consultant at Garcia & Co.: “Great mixture of economy, thought leadership, and other business topics applicable (but not limited) to professionals.”

The Journal by Wall Street Journal, recommended by Kalil Merhib, Vice President – Sales, “As ‘a podcast about money, business, and power,’ I find their exploration of important current events and topics in depth, non-partisan, and engaging.  They are able to garner great guests as well.”

Others in contention:

  • The Daily
  • Up First
  • Stuff You Should Know
  • Embedded
  • The Tim Ferriss Show

Oh, and for the insomniacs out there, Merhib recommends Sleep with Me – “A truly bizarre yet very interesting podcast phenomenon.”

You’re Wrong About by Michael Hobbes and Sarah Marshall, recommended by Stacy Kildal, owner, Kildal Services: “It’s just fun :)” This podcast is also recommended by Sandra Wiley, President, Boomer Consulting: “They talk about past media stories and they give new evidence or perspective that was never brought to light.  So interesting and entertaining all at the same time. Tell the listeners to ENJOY!”  

Growing Your Firm by David Cristello and the Jetpack Workflow team, recommended by Jackie Meyer, CEO, Founder at Meyer Tax: “It is by far the best podcast for accountants. I’ve been on twice to share my value pricing and firm efficiency secrets but he gets some really amazing guests and gets straight to the point of things we want to know to truly implement. I’ve reached out to several people interviewed for more tips and made many friends.” 

At the Table by Patrick Lencioni, recommended by Caleb Jenkins, EA, CQP, leader of client accounting services at RLJ Financial Services., Inc.: “This podcast is filled with practical advice on many controversial topics related to the world of work. This podcast is all about teamwork and culture filled with humor and actionable topics for your business. The episodes in this podcast bring Pat’s books to life.”

Pete the Planner by Peter Dunn and Damian Dunn, recommended by Michael Barton, CPA, partner at Petrow Kane Leemhuis: “Being a financial professional it’s fun to hear the questions he gets and compare how he answers vs how I would approach it. Call me a nerd!”

Redefining Wealth by Patrice Washington, recommended by Roslyn Banks, MAcc, EA, Founder, Adelaide Rose, LLC: “I really appreciate how she shares wisdom that helps individual taxpayers and entrepreneurs define wealth for themselves. She unpacks a lot of the financial psychology behind our mindset and attitudes about money. She also has a very great lineup of guests she interviews – I love the ‘Rapid Wisdom’ questions at the end of every episode.”

Lore by Aaron Mahnke, recommended by Samantha Mansfield, founder at Samantha Mansfield LLC: “I enjoy learning history and Mahnke does a great job unraveling things we are familiar with today and telling its history.”

TED Talks Daily, recommended by Randy Johnston: “I like the variety of topics from innovative people. While few topics apply directly to Accounting or Technology, I have found useful ideas in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Big Data, Quantum Computing, and other emerging technologies.”

Where Accountants Go by Mark Goldman, recommended by Michael Tompkins, CPA Technology Group: “Mark Goldman interviews different people in the profession. It is eye opening and encouraging seeing all the different ways people have leveraged their accounting backgrounds.”

Current Federal Tax Update by Ed Zollars, recommended by Karly Laughlin, CPA, Principal – Tax & Small Business, Belfint Lyons Shuman: “The BEST tax update podcast. He consistently posts once a week very relevant, timely, and thorough updates. He is very active on multiple online platforms including Twitter which he will respond to follow-up questions. I greatly appreciate all his hard work and dedication to the industry!”

Pulse of the Practice by Will Hill and Paul Miller, recommended by Will Hill, Senior Product Manager – Tax Professionals Advisory, Thomson Reuters: “Well, can I vote for my own? It is a great podcast that brings up current challenges facing firms and their owners and hopes to inspire in an informative and entertaining way. There is a great blend of perspective.”

Also: Future Proof by Bill Sheridan, recommended by Will Hill: “He does a great job of raising awareness of topics that may not be top of mind each day, yet bear relevance.”

Blood Sweat & Balance Sheets by Michael Whitmire, recommended by Michael Whitmire, CPA, co-founder and CEO at Floqast

The Boomer Briefing by Jon Hubbard, recommended by Gary Boomer, CPA.CITP, CGMA, Visionary & Strategist at Boomer Consulting, Inc.: “Jon Hubbard interviews a member of our talented team every Tuesday. The focus is on the trends we are seeing in the areas of leadership, talent, technology, processes and growth.” Arianna Campbell, LSS Black Belt, Director, Boomer Consulting, Inc. also recommends The Boomer Briefing: “The podcast focuses on helping firms solve a critical business issue in 20 minutes or less. I love it because I learn new ideas to share with firms.”

Go Beyond Disruption by the AICPA, recommended by Kacee Johnson, Strategic Advisor at “Great insights on practical application and business considerations for emerging technologies.”

Johnson also recommends:

  • Cloud Accounting Podcast (mentioned above): “David and Blake are witty and insightful.”
  • Coming soon- the AICPA Town Hall podcast. “This series provides the most up to date news on the most pressing issues for the profession.”
  • Breaking Beliefs by Amy Vetter. “She gets to the real stories behind the success.”

EconTalk by Russ Roberts, recommended by Ron Baker, Founder, VeraSage Institute: “Without doubt my favorite is EconTalk. It’s an in-depth look at economic, and life, issues with authors. It’s civil, intelligent, and I learn from every single episode.”

Greg LaFollette, CPA.CITP, CGMA, Strategic Advisor, recommends these podcasts:

  • Cato Daily Podcast
  • The Soul of Enterprise
  • EconTalk
  • Planet Money
  • NYT The Daily
  • Sway
  • This Week in Tech
  • The forthcoming AICPA Town Hall podcast

Future-Proof by Bill Sheridan, recommended by Tom Hood, CPA.CITP, CGMA, CEO Maryland Association of CPAs: “Future-Proof is my favorite. Bill is a trend hunter looking for ‘weak signals of disruptive change’ and interviews the leading voices in our profession in addition to the thought leaders shaping business like Tom Peters, Brian Solis, Simon SInek, Daniel Burrus and more. I find myself tuning in frequently and often stopping to take notes.! My absolute favorite is episode ‘Anticipatory Thinking in Uncertain Times’ with Daniel Burrus as it includes clips of several big names (Tom Peters, X-Labs, Jeffrey Rogers from Singularity U.) we should all be listening to.

Hood also recommends Tribe of Mentors by Timothy Ferriss, based on the book of the same name.

Revisionist History by Malcolm Gladwell, recommended by Susan Coffey, CPA, CGMA, Executive Vice President – Public Practice, AICPA: “There are so many good episodes, it’s hard to choose.  I guess if I had to pick one it would be the Tortoise and the Hare, which discusses how the legal profession picks its best and brightest and who former Justice Scalia trusted most.”

Future Firm Accounting by Ryan Lazanis, recommended by Blake Oliver, CPA, director of marketing at Jirav: “Ryan Lazanis fills it up with valuable insights and tips for firm owners. I often share what I learn from Ryan on my own Cloud Accounting Podcast, which focuses on technology and especially the cloud accounting app ecosystem.”

Breaking Beliefs by Amy Vetter, recommended by Jennifer Wilson, partner and co-founder, ConvergenceCoaching, LLC: “I love that Amy is trying to get to the essence of the person through the story of their journeys. And, as you listen to several, themes emerge.

Wilson also recommends:

  • Worklife with Adam Grant: “Everything he does is smart, so much is research backed and he says it like it is. Love his writing, too.”
  • Accounting Today’s podcast: “Love Dan Hood and his quick wit and spontaneity and wisdom – and, oh yeah, I appreciate the quality and breadth of his guests, too.”
  • Journal of Accountancy podcast: “Always a great mix of topical areas and very timely on issues facing the profession.”

The Daily by The New York Times, recommended by Jacquelyn Tracy, partner, Mandel & Tracy LLC: “The podcast highlights in-depth reporting on a specific topic each day, plus a couple of minutes of what else I need to know that day.   Michael Barbero asks the questions which ensure that anyone can grasp the topic.  I always learn something and it is 20 plus minutes well spent.” Tracy also recommends:

  • For fun, I like Here’s the Thing which is Alec Baldwin’s interview show.  He is actually a great interviewer and he talks everyone from entertainers to politicians to businesswomen. 
  • My guiltiest podcast pleasure goes along with my guiltiest TV pleasure. I still watch General Hospital and two of the show’s actors have a show called That’s Awesome with Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson. They are a little silly sometimes, but I do love hearing the backstage stories and how the various actors on GH began their career and ended up on the show. For me,  it is great listening for driving home at day’s end!

Tax Rep Network by Eric Green, recommended by Sandi Leyva, president, Accountant’s Accelerator: “Eric Green’s podcast is great because he interviews so many IRS execs on his show.  CPAs can hear about the latest trends in IRS enforcement, staffing, focus areas, and more. The content is mostly tax resolution and topics tangent to that.”

Leyva also recommends John Garrett’s What’s Your AND podcast. “It features accounting professionals and their passions outside of work.”

School of Greatness by Lewis Howes, recommended by Amy Vetter, CEO, The B3 Method Institute: “He brings leaders, creatives and spiritual gurus on to talk about success and what they learned along the way.” Vetter also recommends:

  • Unlocking Us by Brene Brown: “She dives into her research on vulnerability, shame, courage and leadership with her guests abs has solo podcasts too.”
  • Breaking Beliefs by Amy Vetter:  “Mine:) – – leaders from firms, corporate, entrepreneurs and mindfulness experts tell their stories of how their belief systems began when they were young and how it has or hasn’t served them as a leader along the way. What they had to shift and become more self-aware of once they were a leader and some of their beliefs no longer served them.”

Finding Fearless by Madeline Pratt, recommended by Sarah Elliott, co-founder and principal at Intend2Lead, LLC: “ I love this podcast and appreciate the diversity of women interviewed. It’s bold, fearless and inspiring!” Elliott also recommends:

  • Breaking Beliefs by Amy Vetter: “I appreciate the depth of her interviews and how she brings to light the nuggets of wisdom that people share so we can all apply it, no matter where we are in our careers and lives.”
  • Where Accountants Go by Mark Goldman: “I think it’s fun to listen to other accountants’ stories, learn from them and be inspired by all the possibilities in this profession!”

Office Ladies by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsley, recommended by Joshua Lance, CPA, CGMA, Managing Director at Lance CPA: “I am a huge fan of The Office, so listening to this Office rewatch podcast is a trip down memory lane.” Lance also recommends: 

  • Magic in the Midwest by Ashley and JB Michaels: “A great podcast on Disney – the content is great and super engaging!
  • Cloud Accounting Podcast (mentioned above): “Blake and David do a great job encapsulating the current trends in the accounting world and do it in an entertaining manner.”

Dare to Lead by Brene Brown, recommended by Lindsey Curley, CPA, CGMA, senior manager, firm services at AICPA: “I gain so much motivation by listening to Brene’s conversations with those who innovate, create and lead in a bold, authentic way.”

“I love listening to podcasts!” said David Cieslak, executive vice president and chief cloud officer at RKL eSolutions. He share his list of favorites:

  • This Morning with Gordon Deal
  • The Ben Shapiro Show by The Daily Wire
  • The Abstract by Inverse
  • Left, Right and Center from KCRW
  • TED Radio Hour by NPR
  • Freakonomics Radio with Stephen J. Dubner

Please don’t hesitate to share your own favorite podcasts in the comment section below!



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