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2020 Review of Cetrom Hosting

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From the 2020 reviews of hosting systems for accounting firms.

Ideal Firm

Cetrom is one of the premiere cloud hosting providers in the accounting vertical for firms of all sizes looking for a full-service IT hosting provider to handle all server, applications, and desktops. Cetrom is one of long-standing cloud hosting providers serving the accounting industry. It claims to be predominately focused on service to accounting and CPA firms with full-service IT hosting and support. In essence, an accounting firm of almost any size could contact Cetrom, and it would tailor a service and support program to host, manage and support your accounting software, any design tools, back office apps, reporting or analytics programs, client portals, and your email on the cloud.

The other good news is, they seem to have been successful with this approach. Cetrom has been named K2 Enterprises’ Top Hosting Provider for six consecutive years (2015-2020).

Real World Use

If you are accustomed to managing your systems, your way, Cetrom is definitely the one to invite to the table.  By moving your firm 100% into the cloud and leveraging 100% of the Cetrom support team, you could gain freedom from the capital costs and headaches, yet capture that custom-feel you currently enjoy—using the software and routines to which you have grown accustomed. 

Cetrom prides itself on implementation to guard against that “crossing the chasm” leap many users feel when changing systems.

During implementation, you will explain to your employees that 100% of their work will soon be performed within the Cetrom cloud. This cloud will keep data secure and backed up automatically—which may be one big mark in the plus column for your practice.  Since your other applications can be hosted on Cetrom as well, you can get the benefits of an experienced IT staff without having to hire and manage them. 

You may find that applications installed in your current virtual environment and Cetrom’s cloud are really no different from an end-user perspective. What differs should be easier access, that unseen level of security layers, and their 99.9% uptime performance. Also, gains can include a more unified, managed desktop system that allows your firm to operate remotely without missing a beat from closing down at the office—and opening up on a phone or at the hutch at home.

Cetrom offers the ability for firms to host their clients’ QuickBooks files. However, unlike some of the other companies included in these reviews, hosting QuickBooks is not Cetrom’s focus.  Cetrom, first and foremost, delivers full desktop performance and software hosting for accounting firms.

The main reason why you may not choose to use Cetrom is that you prefer the Microsoft Windows remote desktop protocol over the Citrix infrastructure.  Realistically, both systems are excellent choices for the demands of current and future accounting practices. Sometimes, it comes down to user preferences, like choosing between Apple and Microsoft.

Cetrom places great emphasis on its onboarding and implementation process to ensure user adoption and success. So, do not expect to call them up and be migrated overnight.  Cetrom does not rush or shorten the migration process. They make sure the migration is done correctly for your long-term success.


Cetrom’s core focus is cloud hosting applications and desktops combined with its 24x7x365 support. The company staffs experts trained to understand the accounting applications for firms of any size.

Cetrom’s technology runs on Citrix infrastructure, allowing them to provide 99.99% guaranteed uptime across the United States.  Firms not only have access to their virtual desktop environment but have administrative dashboards to show details on users and support tickets across the firm. 

According to Cetrom, the benefits of a Citrix-based solution like they offer, versus an RDP solution are:

  • Significantly faster logon times – up to 90% faster
  • Superior print capabilities – Universal Print Driver for “plug and play” capability especially as staff move around.
  • Improved local application access – seamlessly move between Cloud and local device
  • WAN optimized protocol – better experience in poor bandwidth conditions
  • Higher resolution graphics
  • Superior multi-monitor support
  • Stronger embedded security
  • Faster performance

Cetrom is an authorized Standard QuickBooks host, and offers Office365 hosting. Cetrom hosts and maintains more than 150 industry-specific applications such as Thomson Reuters CS, Accounting CS, Practice CS, and UltraTax CS, BNA Fixed Assets; Wolters Kluwer CCH ProSystem fx applications such as ProSystem fx Engagement, ProSystem fx Practice Management, and ProSystem fx Document; Sage Business Cloud Accounting – Accountants Edition, Sage 50 Quantum Accounting, and Sage 100 ERP; Intuit’s QuickBooks, Lacerte and ProSeries Tax; and CaseWare software.

These applications are accessible from a variety of devices, including desktop, laptop, smartphones, and tablets. Cetrom can host custom programs and works with firms to host just about any application desired. Pricing depends on programs hosted and the number of users, with options to purchase additional services, including email, virtual remote desktop service, a file sharing option, and a hybrid cloud computing option.

As one of the longest running hosted providers in the accounting vertical, Cetrom should be on the short list for any firm looking to move to the cloud.

2020 Overall Rating: 5 Stars