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Xendoo and Biller Genie Partner to Automate AR

Through this partnership, Xendoo’s clients can now leverage Biller Genie’s software to improve cash flow and reduce administrative work, taking the stress out of bookkeeping and helping them focus on growing their businesses.

Xendoo, a fintech company offering innovative online accounting and bookkeeping solutions with data-driven insights for small business owners, has selected Biller Genie, a Miami-based award-winning, cloud-based solution that automates accounts receivable (A/R) from bill presentment to reconciliation, to be its preferred provider to support the A/R automation segment of its business nationwide. By integrating with Biller Genie, Xendoo now offers clients an easier way to collect, process and automatically reconcile payments in its accounting software.

Founded in 2018, Biller Genie synchronizes with popular accounting software, like QuickBooks and Xero, to improve and simplify the invoicing and collection processes. Ultimately, this gives business owners the tools and resources they need to boost productivity and deliver improved accuracy and efficiency. Through this partnership, Xendoo’s clients can now leverage Biller Genie’s software to improve cash flow and reduce administrative work, taking the stress out of bookkeeping and helping them focus on growing their businesses.

“Small businesses are the heart of the U.S., and they have their own specialized needs. At Xendoo, we continuously look for ways to arm our clients with the tools they need to succeed and best serve their customers,” said Xendoo CEO and Founder Lil Roberts. “We only partner with the best of the best and refer fellow SMB owners to services we trust. While we work to streamline accounting and bookkeeping for small businesses, we chose Biller Genie to help our clients navigate and automate their A/R processes – a critical factor in their companies’ financial health.”

“The surprising truth is that over 90% of businesses worldwide still send and receive invoices manually,” said Biller Genie CEO and Founder Thomas Aronica. “Biller Genie solves this challenge by delivering a transformative digital solution that automates back-office workflows, allowing them to achieve greater scale with better predictability. We are very excited to work with Xendoo and see a great opportunity to leverage the potent combination of know-how, proven technology and digital sophistication that this partnership will bring.”

Roberts and Aronica are both members of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) South Florida Chapter, which helped pave the way for this partnership. Both entrepreneurs have followed similar paths of success in South Florida – from the nature of their businesses, their focus, trajectory and even the types of awards they’ve won – and contributed to the growth of the startup and tech community in South Florida. Biller Genie and Xendoo both have an impactful presence in the award circuit, with Biller Genie being named the 2020 Miami Herald Startup Pitch Competition Winner and Xendoo being awarded South Florida Business Journal’s 2020 H. Wayne Huizenga Start Up Award. Xendoo also won Sup-X and the eMerge America’s Startup Showcase competition in 2018, while Biller Genie has been selected as a finalist for eMerge America’s 2020 Startup Showcase (now rescheduled for 2021). Lastly, both have experienced the shortfalls of the archaic accounting industry firsthand and are committed to providing innovative technology that automates the traditional bookkeeping and accounting process so companies can focus on growing their business. 

Both Biller Genie’s and Xendoo’s services have been especially valuable as businesses face and recover from the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and shift toward accounting in the cloud in a remote work/cost-conscious environment. Cloud-based bookkeeping and accounting services will continue gaining momentum as an affordable way to help clients and businesses improve business operations, save on infrastructure costs and gain the flexibility to scale up or down with business conditions. As a result, Xendoo and Biller Genie continue to see increased adoption of their technologies and sales growth in 2020 month-over-month revenues and are confident this will continue in 2021.  

“Now more than ever, businesses are shifting to digitalization as the pandemic has been a catalyst to help business owners realize the value created through automation,” said Biller Genie President Garima Shah. “And thanks to key partnerships like this, we look forward to reaching more businesses and adding more value as we help them transition their A/R from legacy manual processes to modern, streamlined, digitally enabled solutions.”