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2020 Review of SurePayroll


SurePayroll/SurePayroll for Accountants

SurePayroll – A Paychex Company


From the 2020 reviews of professional payroll systems.

SurePayroll from Paychex is designed for small businesses with fewer than 100 employees. SurePayroll offers two plan options: Self-Service for those who wish to manage all payroll in-house, and full-service, which includes complete payroll processing and tax filing. SurePayroll also offers a reseller program for accountants that wish to offer payroll processing services to their clients.

SurePayroll is an online payroll application and includes a mobile app for both iOS and Android smart phones and tablets. The full-service plan offers complete payroll processing, including calculation, filing, and tax remittance. SurePayroll pricing includes an unlimited number of pay runs, direct deposit capability, and offers two-day payroll processing. In addition, employees will have access to online paystubs, and payroll can be automated to reduce the amount of data entry needed.


Click for larger image: SurePayroll client list view on tablet.

SurePayroll offers an intuitive user interface with little data entry required to process payroll.  This is particularly true when using the Auto Payroll option, which is ideal for businesses that pay salaried employees. The Auto Payroll option sends users a reminder prior to the payroll processing date, prompting users to make any changes prior needed. Using Auto Payroll, users can simply enter the default hours for each employee and Auto Payroll handles the rest.

SurePayroll supports multiple pay rates as well as multiple pay schedules, a must for accounting firms handling payroll for a large number of clients. Direct deposit is included at no extra charge, though employees can be paid by check if desired. Manual checks can be entered into SurePayroll, but after-the-fact payroll is not currently supported in the application.

SurePayroll offers tax tables for all 50 states, though you’ll have to purchase an add-on option to process and pay taxes in more than one state. All tax liability reporting and remittance, including quarterly and year-end filing and remittance is included in the full-service plan. Those subscribing to the self-service plan will have to handle filing and paying taxes themselves.   

SurePayroll offers a good selection of reports including a Payroll Summary, Check Register, Deductions, Employee Detail report, New Hire report, and a Cash Requirements report. Both W-2 and 1099 reports can be processed at year end, and users always have access to tax reports such as Form 940 and 941. SurePayroll reports have limited customization capability, but users can export reports to Microsoft Excel for customization if desired. In addition, reports can also be exported as a text file, or saved as a PDF. 

SurePayroll offers good integration with numerous time and attendance applications including SpringAhead, Homebase, and Inception, and Stratus, although separate fees apply. In addition, SurePayroll also integrates with third party accounting applications such as AccountEdge, QuickBooks Online, Sage 50, and Xero, although there is an extra charge per pay period for the integration.

SurePayroll includes a portal, allowing employees to easily access current and historic paystubs, W-2s, and 1099s. For accountants, both clients and their employees have access to the portal, which can be branded to reflect a firm’s design and logo. Both clients and employees will receive email notification when a payroll is completed and paystubs have been posted in the portal.

SurePayroll offers HR capability through HR Advisor, which includes access to HR forms such as an Exemption Worksheet, Employee versus Independent Contractor, Form SS-8 for Worker Status, Application for Employment, Sample Interview Questions, and a Sample Termination Letter. Users will also have access to pre-employment screening and new hire reporting in SurePayroll.

SurePayroll offers toll-free customer support six days a week, with extended support hours available. All SurePayroll users will be assigned an account representative who will assist in initial product setup, and can answer any questions or address concerns. Online help is also easily accessible from within the application, with other resources available including payroll and tax calculators, and a handy payroll terminology feature which is helpful for those new to payroll processing.

SurePayroll offers a reseller’s program for accountants who wish to offer payroll services to clients, with special pricing  available to accounting firms that enroll in the resellers program. The Self-Service plan currently runs $19.99 a month, plus a $4 per employee charge, while the Full-Service plan is $29.99 per month, with a $5 per employee charge. Various add-on options such as accounting software integration, time clock integration, and tax filing in multiple states are also available at an additional charge per month. There is also a free trial available for those interested in trying out the application. 

2020 Overall Rating – 4.5 Stars


  • Includes an Auto Payroll option for streamlined payroll processing
  • Offers a self-service and a full-service plan
  • Intuitive system navigation

Potential Limitations:

  • Integration with accounting applications an extra charge
  • Integration with time-keeping application an extra charge
  • Multi-state tax filing an extra charge