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The Modern Firm®

For more than a decade, Rootworks has been refining the concept of what it means to be a Modern Firm.


The results of this research, testing and implementation are summarized in the Rootworks Modern Firm eBook—a succinct guide on what it takes to build an agile, sustainable and highly profitable accounting firm that delivers an exceptional client experience.

If you’re like many firm owners, you’ve been going it alone for years—without a clear vision of what you want your firm to become, and without a roadmap to get there. The Rootworks Performance Model brings structure and clarity to the processes and the steps required to build a firm for the modern era. The Modern Firm eBook will stimulate your thinking as an entrepreneur and leader, rather than just an accountant. It will inspire you to be intentional about every action you take, and it will steer you toward the structured and proven path to success that’s the foundation of Rootworks.