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2020 Review of AccuPOS Point of Sale




From the 2020 reviews of point of sale systems.

AccuPOS is a Windows-based point of sale application well-suited for a variety of niche retail businesses such as restaurants, gift shops, liquor stores, as well as clubs and membership organizations. AccuPOS includes complete integration with both QuickBooks and Sage financial applications for complete front/back office functionality. AccuPOS can only be used on a Windows platform, and its mobile app is only available for Android devices. 

AccuPOS includes a recently updated user interface that provides a more intuitive user experience. In addition, AccuPOS uses its AccuSERVER program to connect all point of sale workstations, even mobile devices, while seamless integration with QuickBooks and Sage accounting applications allows users to access front or back office tasks from a single user interface.  


AccuPOS offers enhanced touch screen capability and users can take advantage of the customization options to create a custom sales interface, including the ability to create custom tabs and buttons.  AccuPOS has also enlarged both menu and item buttons, and users are able to create a custom menu that includes specific categories, with selected items included in each category.  

AccuPOS can handle a variety of sales types, and custom versions are available for various niche markets. The intuitive sales interface allows users to process numerous types of transactions, including customer sales, cash sales, returns, canceled sales, gift cards, and layaways. In addition, AccuPOS can process mail orders, special orders, and even web orders.

The application supports multiple tender types including cash, debit cards, checks, as well as customer direct sales. Up to 15 custom tender types can also be added to AccuPOS if desired.  

AccuPOS is a scalable application, so users are able to purchase a single terminal application and add additional terminals or workstations as needed. Although AccuPOS recently enhanced its touchscreen capability, the application can still be used with scanners for high volume sales. Users also have the option to use a Windows based tablet or Android phone to process sales transactions from any location. In addition, the time keeping feature allows managers to create and manage all staff schedules.

AccuPOS allows users to create customized receipts, targeted emails, and transaction screens with a custom logo. Users can also create loyalty programs, and gift cards can be used with the application as well. With seamless integration available with both QuickBooks and Sage financial applications, users can broaden the functionality of the application considerably, linking to customer management and inventory features in the accounting application through AccuPOS, or use the AccuCOUNT Inventory Management app that scans deliveries and updates inventory counts using a mobile device  

While the majority of management reports will be processed in the user’s financial application, AccuPOS includes numerous point of sale reports that are accessible directly from the sales interface screen including a Sales Totals report, Tender Totals report, End of Shift Report, Items Sold report, and a Sales by User report. In addition, AccuPOS includes industry specific reports for restaurants, grocery stores and liquor stores, with all reports completely customizable.

AccuPOS offers complete integration with all standard point of sale hardware peripherals including cashdrawers, barcode and in-counter scanners, magnetic card readers, thermal printers, and touch screen monitors. Bundled hardware options are also available for purchase directly from AccuPOS. An All-in-One Point of Sale option is also available from AccuPOS, which includes a built-in card reader, receipt printer, and touchscreen monitor for a complete point of sale solution.

AccuPOS is designed to be used with brick and mortar retail businesses and is not designed for e-commerce solutions nor is integrated shipping available in the application. Though the application can integrate with online shopping carts via accounting software, there is no direct integration in AccuPOS.  

AccuPOS includes a number of help and support tools including user manuals that can be accessed online or downloaded. All AccuPOS users have access to unlimited telephone and email support which is available 24/7. Emergency support is also available and users can choose to start a remote support session. Remote training sessions are also available And AccuPOS personnel are available to assist with the setup process if necessary. A free 30-day demo is available for those interested in trying out the application prior to purchasing. AccuPOS pricing has changed, with a complete software and hardware bundle priced at $99 per month for a single station, and each additional station is $35 per month. Custom quotes are available by contacting AccuPOS directly.  

2020 Rating – 4.75 Stars

Product Strengths:

  • Includes seamless integration with QuickBooks and Sage financial applications
  • Completely customizable
  • Scalable, with users able to add workstations at any time

Potential Limitations:

  • Not suited for e-commerce
  • Mobile app limited to Android use