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2020 Review of WASP Inventory Cloud

WASP Inventory Cloud from WASP Barcode Technologies is best suited for mid-size and larger retail businesses that are also looking for sales, purchasing, and production capability. WASP Inventory Cloud also offers an on-premise solution for those that ...


WASP Inventory Cloud

From the 2020 review of inventory management systems.

WASP Inventory Cloud from WASP Barcode Technologies is best suited for mid-size and larger retail businesses that are also looking for sales, purchasing, and production capability. WASP Inventory Cloud also offers an on-premise solution for those that prefer local installation, with pre-bundled and built it yourself options offered. The application also includes a mobile app that is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.  

WASP Inventory Cloud has an intuitive user interface, with users able to easily add new inventory items. Tabs provide access to vendors, prices, locations, and attachments, where users can attach documents such as warranties, invoices, purchase orders, or photos.

inventorycloud-laptop-reports[1]The New Inventory Item option offers links to Vendor, Prices, Locations, and Attachments.

Users have the option to track inventory items by serial number, by lot, or by date code, with an option to auto generate a serial number for each new item. For companies that need to track internal assets, WASP Inventory Cloud includes a check-in/check-out option that can easily track the location of any asset. If another inventory system is currently being used, users can easily import their current inventory list into WASP Inventory Cloud.

Along with complete retail inventory management, WASP Inventory Cloud also includes warehouse management, stock room management, manufacturing process management, and consumables tracking.

WASP Inventory Cloud offers a complete inventory list that includes a link that users can click on to access the original inventory product file. Minimum and maximum inventory levels can be set for each item entered into the application, with users able to be notified when an item drops below minimum. The application supports multiple warehouse locations and multiple pricing levels for all inventory items, with users able to categorize inventory items into related groups, and custom pricing options are available. All warehouse locations can be managed separately, with the option to transfer products between locations when necessary.

For those who need to create custom barcodes, WASP Inventory Cloud can be used with WASP Labeler, which allows users to create and then print out custom codes. Barcode scanning capability is also available, and users are able to check a large number of inventory items both in and out using barcode scanning. The application also supports kitting and product assembly, and it has the ability now to track inventory by pallet, carton, or freight box.

For those who need multiple pricing levels, WASP Inventory Cloud offers multiple pricing tiers for all products, and includes  the option to assign pricing tiers to specific customers as well.

WASP Inventory Cloud offers a variety of reports in multiple categories which include Audit, Customer, Transaction, Item, Inventory, Purchase Order, Pick Order, Labels, and Receipts. All reports include complete customization capability, and users can utilize the Report Builder option to create a new report from scratch. Reports can be scheduled to run when desired, and users can export any report as a CSV file for even further customization.

WASP offers a variety of applications that are designed to work with the inventory management application including asset and equipment tracking, time and attendance systems, and barcode software. WASP also offers a variety of product hardware options including mobile computers, barcode scanners, and barcode printers, and there is a variety of pre-bundled options that can be purchased together. WASP currently does not offer integration with any e-Commerce platforms or online shopping carts.  

WASP Inventory Cloud includes numerous help and support resources, including a fully searchable knowledge base, FAQs, a feature guide, as well as access to product training options, case studies, and a feature comparison list. Users also have access to numerous product tutorials, and they can choose from a variety of training options which include Getting Started training, Web-Based training, On-Site Training, and Web Installation. WASP Inventory Cloud includes complete product support, and support is available during regular business hours via telephone, email and online chat. Users can also submit a support ticket from the resources page to request support, and both product enhancements and updates can be downloaded directly from the WASP Inventory Cloud support page.

WASP Inventory Cloud is a full-featured inventory management application that is best suited for brick and mortar retail businesses that sell from multiple locations. WASP Inventory Cloud can also be used in businesses that need to track consumables as well as those managing internal inventory items. WASP Inventory Cloud Complete pricing starts at $3,495 and includes a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, with the Basic plan staring at $595. For those who prefer an on-premise solution, the Inventory Cloud Complete on-premise plan is $6,995, with the Basic plan starting at $1,795. Those interested in any WASP application can request a demo directly from the vendor if desired.

2020 Rating – 4.5 Stars


·        Integrates with other WASP applications

·         Easy to set up

·         Both on-premise and cloud applications available

Potential Weaknesses

·         Not suited for online or e-Commerce platforms

·         Limited integration with third-party applications