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2020 Review of inFlow Inventory Software

inFlow Inventory is well-suited for retailers, distributors, and online merchants of any size. inFlow is available as a cloud application, although there is a basic version that can be installed on desktop systems if desired. inFlow is scalable, with ...


inFlow Inventory

inFlow Inventory Software

From the 2020 review of inventory management systems.

inFlow Inventory is well-suited for retailers, distributors, and online merchants of any size. inFlow is available as a cloud application, although there is a basic version that can be installed on desktop systems if desired. inFlow is scalable, with four plans available, including an Enterprise plan that is ideal for larger businesses that need to manage inventory from multiple locations.

inFlow Inventory also includes a mobile app that allows users to check inventory levels and also check products into and out of inventory using the barcode scanner that is included in the app. The mobile app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. inFlow includes asset tracking capability once users create specific locations.    

To get started withn inFlow Inventory, users can choose to import a product list or create a new product directly in the application. When adding a new product, users have the option to choose from a variety of product types including Stocked Product, Serialized Product, Non-Stocked Product, and Service. Once a product type is chosen, users can add a description, pricing, cost, and quantity. The product screen is easily navigated and free of clutter, making it easy to enter product information quickly. During the product setup process, users can add a product image, add a barcode, establish a reorder point, assign the product to a location, and add measurements, if desired.

inFlow Inventory allows users to create a serialized product, purchase serialized product, and both sell and track a serialized product. The application supports multiple currency and multiple languages, and the customizable dashboard allows users to track all inventory and asset transactions from a single screen. inFlow Inventory supports kitting, assembly, bill of materials and work order processing, with complete barcode scanning capability available in the application’s mobile app.

inFlow Inventory supports multiple pricing schemes, with users able to include a normal price, a retail price, as well as the option to create additional pricing details as desired.

9450933dd1900a0e7914311b4f918d2fcf623multiple-locations-movement-history-v3[1]Markup pricing percentages can also be assigned to pricing levels, with both bulk pricing and volume pricing options offered in the application as well.

inFlow includes reports in four categories; Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, and Admin. Inventory reports include an Inventory Summary, Inventory Details, Product Price List, Product Cost Report, Inventory by Location, and Inventory Movement Details. Various sales reports include Sales by Product Summary, Customer Payment Summary, Customer Payment Details, and a Customer Order History. All inFlow reports can be previewed on screen, printed, saved as a PDF, or exported to Microsoft Excel or as a CSV file for additional customization.

inFlow also offers complete purchasing and sales capability, including purchase orders, vendor management, sales quotes, sales orders, and complete customer management. Seamless integration with online e-Commerce solutions such as Shopify, Amazon, Woo Commerce, and Squarespace provides automatic updating of inventory levels every time an order is placed. inFlow Inventory also allows users to track all freight costs associated with shipped orders, track partial shipments, and manage online payments. inFlow also offers seamless integration with QuickBooks Online will send all sales orders created in inFlow directly into QuickBooks Online.  

inFlow’s support page includes a searchable knowledge base, where users can type in a question or enter a search term. Users can access the Quick Start Guide, the FAQs page, and a Full Start Guide, and the support page also includes access to numerous educational videos that provide an overview of the application. A complete demo of the application is also available, as are pre-recorded webinars on a variety of topics., with a community forum available where users can share questions and comments. Product support is available via email and chat during regular business hours, or users can request a call back to discuss an issue.   

Designed for retail businesses and online merchants of all sizes, inFlow Inventory is scalable, with four plans available; Light, which runs $71 per month and supports two users and up to 100 orders per month; Standard, which runs $179 per month and supports up to five users and up to 500 orders per month, as well as unlimited inventory locations; and Plus, which is $359 per month and supports up to 10 users, up to 1,000 orders per month and also supports unlimited inventory locations. For very large retailers, inFlow offers an Enterprise plan, with details and pricing available directly from the vendor. All plans, except for the Enterprise plan offer a 14-day trial for those that wish to test drive the application. 

2020 Rating –4.75 Stars



·        Scalable with multiple plans available

·         Works for both brick and mortar and online sellers

·         Integrates with QuickBooks Online

Potential Weaknesses:

·         Limited asset tracking capability

·         Limited telephone support options available