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2020 Review of EZOfficeInventory

EZOfficeInventory offers online asset tracking and inventory management and is a good fit for businesses with a large number of internal assets or inventory that needs to be tracked. EZ Asset Inventory is not a good fit for retailers or online sellers.



From the 2020 review of inventory management systems

EZOfficeInventory offers online asset tracking and inventory management and is a good fit for businesses with a large number of internal assets or inventory that needs to be tracked. EZ Asset Inventory is not a good fit for retailers or online sellers.

EZOfficeInventory is a scalable application, with four plans available, making it suitable for businesses of any size. In addition, the application includes a features laden mobile app that is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.  

New in EZOfficeInventory is the ability to create custom roles for system users, which restricts system features and functions by role. Other enhancements include improvements to custom reports, G Suite integration, and the addition of asset stock and inventory value reports.

Designed to track company assets, EZOfficeInventory includes a variety of features including complete asset scanning, label scanning, a check-in/check-out feature that is available on the mobile app, and a scheduled maintenance feature that allows users to schedule maintenance for all assets. EZOfficeInventory can be utilized in multiple locations, and it offers the ability to transfer stock between these locations when needed. In addition, EZOfficeInventory also includes GPS capability, so managers will always know where assets are.  

041715_1341_GetStartedw11[1]Optimally designed to manage assets, EZOfficeInventory also includes basic inventory tracking, with the ability to track inventory from multiple warehouses. In addition, the inventory management feature allows users to add new stock, transfer stock, and set a low stock number so that the application will notify management when additional stock needs to be purchased. A reserve stock option is also available in EZOfficeInventory, and users can define a default location for each stocked item, with additional locations available to add if desired.

The EZOfficeInventory mobile app contains a dashboard, where users can access the options available to them including the item detail page. Users can also check assets into and out of inventory using the mobile app, which is also compatible with an RFID reader for quick and easy scanning of multiple items.   

Ideal for service and equipment companies, EZOfficeInventory includes ticket creation, maintenance scheduling, and work order processing, making it easy to track service orders, maintain service history on all equipment and appliances and access a complete service history for all assets that require one.

EZOfficeInventory allows users to create new QR codes or barcode labels. The barcodes can then be exported to Microsoft Excel for commercial printing, or printed using a label printer. EZOfficeInventory does not offer multiple pricing levels, kitting, manufacturing, or integration with any online retail sales platforms.

There are numerous asset reports in EZOfficeInventory, but inventory-specific reports are limited to an All Inventory report, Line Items, Stock Summary, and a Low Stock Report. Users can easily create custom reports using a template, with the ability to export any report as a CSV file or save as a PDF. Users can also schedule reports to run at a specific time, with reports automatically emailed to recipients once they are run.

EZOfficeInventory includes integration with a variety of third-party applications including Zendesk, Jira, G Suite, Okta, Onelogin, DropBox and OneDrive. EZOfficeInventory also includes an import/export wizard for easy importing of asset information using Microsoft Excel.  The application does not integrate with any e-commerce or point of sale applications.  

EZOfficeInventory offers a comprehensive knowledge base that includes a getting started guide, video tutorials, an FAQ page, and various white papers. New users can download the Getting Started PDF, which provides details on how to set up the application along with links to additional resources such as short videos and lists. All product support for EZOfficeInventory is handled via email.

EZOfficeInventory has four plans to choose from: Essential, which runs $35 per month and supports unlimited users; Advanced, which runs $45 per month; Premium, which runs $50 per month; and an Enterprise plan with custom pricing. Plan pricing is based on number of items managed; pricing levels above are based on managing 250 items. EZOfficeInventory also offers a free, 15-day subscription so those interested can try out the application prior to purchasing. All plans include the Inventory Management module, GPS, Mobile Apps, Depreciation, Reservations, and Reports and Analytics.

2020 Rating – 4.75 Stars


·        Scalable, with four plans available

·         Good for businesses of all sizes

·         Integrates with Microsoft Excel

Potential Weaknesses:

·         No kitting or manufacturing capability

·         No integration with point of sale or e-commerce sites