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2020 Review of Asset Panda

Asset Panda is a cloud-based asset management application that is suitable for businesses of any size that have a high number of internal and company assets that need to be tracked and managed properly.


Asset Panda

From the 2020 review of inventory management systems.

Asset Panda is a cloud-based asset management application that is suitable for businesses of any size that have a high number of internal and company assets that need to be tracked and managed properly. This can be particularly important for businesses that deal with constant asset movement such as medical, IT, and tools and equipment professions.  Asset Panda also has a mobile app for iOS and Android devices that includes complete bar code scanning, mobile security, the ability to add assets via the mobile app, along with complete integration with the web application.  

Asset Panda now includes a dashboard menu, where users can configure a variety of charts for their business, with the option to choose the asset types to be included.

asset panda inventory

Asset Panda’s inventory management module includes the ability to manage inventory at multiple locations, transfer inventory between locations, and combine inventory and asset management together into a single platform. Users can also customize workflow for both inventory and managed assets, and inventory can be easily tracked using product UPC codes, serial numbers, or even just product names. The inventory management module also offers easy importing of current inventory using spreadsheets, and there are a variety of custom fields that can be used to track additional inventory information if desired.

Along with standard inventory tracking, Asset Panda offers top notch asset tracking capability, providing users with the option to add photos, documents and even videos to any asset recorded in the system. Users can also access a complete history on each asset, maintain maintenance schedules, and manage all purchase or lease information for each asset. Users can also track depreciation, insurance policy information, and all purchase and lease information. Asset Panda tracks all asset details such as insurance and maintenance records as well as warranty details including warranty expiration dates, work orders and asset insurance details. In addition, users can add custom fields to work orders, warranties, and insurance records to better track things such as asset maintenance and warranty expiration dates.

Assets can be imported from other applications, and custom fields can be added to any asset for more detailed tracking, and the application allows users to easily check assets in and out in order to maintain a solid asset history.

Asset Panda’s mobile app allows users to easily scan assets using the included barcode scanner. Asset Panda supports a variety of barcode types including QR Codes, EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code 128, Code 39, Code 93, and LOGMARS. The mobile app also allows users to create reports, and seamlessly integrates with the web application. A barcode generator is also included in the application, with users able to create specific labels, which can be saved as a PDF and printed using label software.

Asset Panda is optimally designed to manage a variety of company assets which can include equipment, tools, computers and laptops, appliances, and even large-scale items such as vehicles or construction machinery. The application does not support traditional manufacturing or kitting, and is not a suitable application for distributors. While Asset Panda does offer basic inventory management, including management of multiple locations, it does not include fairly standard inventory features such as discount pricing, multiple pricing levels, or integration with outside shipping agencies.   

Asset Panda includes solid reporting options, with a good number of built-in reports included in the application. All reports can be customized as needed, with the option to create custom reports available in Asset Panda as well. Inventory specific reports in Asset Panda are somewhat limited, but the product does offer a good selection of asset reports including Asset Listing, Asset Report with Photos, and Assets by Location. Users can easily email any report directly from the report screen, and all Asset Reports can be exported to a variety of formats which include PDF, PDF with photos, or a CSV file if further editing is desired.

Asset Panda offers product support during regular business hours, with toll-free telephone support as well as email support options available. In addition, Asset Panda offers easy access to product help from anywhere in the application. A knowledge base is also available, as are product videos and product white papers.

Asset Panda is well-suited for businesses of any size that need to track a high number of internal assets, although an inventory management feature is also offered in the application. Pricing for Asset Panda can be obtained directly from the vendor, and a free, 14-day trial is available to try out prior to purchasing a complete subscription.  

2020 Rating – 4.5 Stars


·        Easy to use

·         Trialability to configure charts in dashboard menu

Potential Weaknesses

·         Not suitable for retail business or online sellers

·         Not suitable for manufacturing

·         No integration with outside shipping agencies

·         Limited reporting functionality