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2020 Review of AdvancePro Supply Chain Management

AdvancePro offers a long list of core features including General System Management, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Order Management, Product Information, Pricing Management, Vendor Management, Bar Coding, Report Intelligence, Multiple ...


AdvancePro Supply Chain Management

AdvancePro Technologies

From the 2020 review of inventory management systems.

AdvancePro Supply Chain Management is well-suited for larger manufacturing, distribution and wholesale businesses. AdvancePro offers seamless integration with QuickBooks Online and desktop, as well as shipping applications, and can be deployed as an on-premise application as well as accessed on the cloud. In addition, AdvancePro includes a mobile app for both iOS and Android smartphones.

AdvancePro offers a long list of core features including General System Management, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Order Management, Product Information, Pricing Management, Vendor Management, Bar Coding, Report Intelligence, Multiple Warehouse, Order Matrix, UPS/FedEx Integration, and Lot & Serial Numbers, with several other default features available in the core application. Premium modules available include Wireless Warehouse-AP Mobile and Web Services/e-Commerce.

The latest version of AdvancePro offers several new features and system enhancements including the addition of invoice email templates, the enhancement of the Advanced Units of Measure feature, and the ability to create invoices for back-ordered items.

The Products Panel in AdvancePro allows users to access all product related tasks from a single screen including the ability to add a new product manage inventory, edit existing products, and view global pricing.

AdvanceProTech Inventory screenshotAdvancePro includes excellent product tracking capability, with the ability to track product manufacturing and expiration dates. Users can also assign lot or serial numbers to any product upon receipt, and can easily track an unlimited amount of lot or serial numbers.  The warehouse management module allows users to manage inventory in multiple warehouses as well as transfer stock between locations. Users can set inventory levels and receive notification when stock is low, and stock can be reserved for expected orders.

AdvancePro’s add-on Wireless Warehouse – AP Mobile module syncs with the core application, providing users with the ability to make live inventory adjustments, scan products coming into and leaving the warehouse, and scan a product barcode to view additional details on that product. Also available is the AP Labels module, which allows users to easily create custom barcodes using templates.

AdvancePro also includes numerous product related features such as the ability to attach documents and image files to product files, assign multiple vendors to each product, and manage an unlimited number of products. Features in the Customer Order Management module include the ability to accept payments for product sales, directly invoice customers, add multiple line items, create customer quotes, and assign customers to a specific warehouse.

AdvancePro includes kitting and offers a Manufacturing module that includes Make to Order capability, multi-level bills of materials, batch only manufacturing, and variable bills of materials. Product assembly is also supported in AdvancePro, including the ability to serialize completed assembly items. Features found in the Pricing/Discount Management module include the ability to assign customers to a particular group, and then assign special pricing by group. Users can also create customer-specific pricing, and assign pricing by product category. Volume discounts are available for those purchasing large quantities of products, and customer-specific promotions and special pricing levels can be assigned.

AdvancePro currently supports multiple inventory costing methods including FIFO, LIFO, Moving Average Costing, and Last Primary Vendor Bill Costing, which assumes that inventory purchased will have the same cost as the most recent vendor bill.    

The Reports/Business Intelligence feature in AdvancePro offers excellent reporting options, with inventory management reports such as Advanced net Movement report, Advanced Customer Order report, Net Movement report, Purchase reports, Sales by Vendor, Sales by Customer, and an Unsold Product report. All AdvancePro reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel for further customization, with the option to export reports as an RTG file or save as a PDF.  

AdvancePro offers seamless integration with QuickBooks applications, with all data synching automatically. AdvancePro is a good choice for e-commerce retailers, integrating with both UPS and FedEx, as well as Amazon, Wee, Shopify, eBay, and Magento.  Additional modules such as AP Labels, AP Mobile, and Multiple Companies are also offered by AdvancePro and designed to integrate with the core application.

The AdvancePro knowledge base offers a variety of how-to guides, installation instructions, and information on QuickBooks integration, modules, and reports. APT University offers easy access to a variety of short informational videos as well as product tutorials in a variety of categories such as sales, manufacturing, purchasing, and accounting. AdvancePro also offers a Customer Care Program that includes access to all software patches, as well as access to all new features. The program also includes unlimited technical support, which includes phone, email, and online support, with training and community support options also available.

AdvancePro offers top-line inventory management, customer, warehouse, and product management capability and is a great choice for those using QuickBooks applications.  AdvancePro pricing is available directly from the vendor.

2020 Rating – 5 Stars


·        QuickBooks Integration

·         Unlimited technical support

·         Excellent integration with e-Commerce applications

Potential Weaknesses

·         Integration with other accounting applications is limited

·         Setup may be time-consuming