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2020 Review of Acctivate Inventory

Acctivate Inventory management software is designed to be used exclusively with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online applications. Along with advanced inventory management capability, Acctivate also includes purchasing, customer service, and ...



Alterity, Inc.

From the 2020 review of inventory management systems.

Acctivate Inventory management software is designed to be used exclusively with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online applications. Along with advanced inventory management capability, Acctivate also includes purchasing, customer service, and business management capability. Ideal for both retailers and distributors that currently use QuickBooks applications, Acctivate offers the advanced inventory features missing from QuickBooks applications.  

The latest version of Acctivate (Version 11) offers numerous system enhancements including the addition of window tabs that are designed to help keep better track of open windows. Another new feature is the addition of list windows, which provides access to customer, sales, products, transactions, and vendor lists, with a drop down tab directly below the menu bar. Acctivate has also enhanced the warehouse layout and added several order processing updates to the application as well.

alterity-acctivate-advanced-inventory-and-distribution-management-dashboard-1840[1]Acctivate offers easy navigation with a menu bar at the top of the screen that provides quick access to all features found in the application. Directly beneath the menu bar is an icon bar that is completely customizable, with users able to add or remove icons as desired. A fully customizable dashboard is also included in Acctivate, with users able to track desired information such as sales, incoming orders, and product trends.

The product information window is where you can look up details for each product or add a new product. The information screen provides information such as Item Type, Product Type, and Product Class, and offers a complete list of inventory totals for each warehouse location.  Users can also assign product substitutions, view vendor history, and show minimum order quantities and maximum stock quantities. Users can choose to activate the automatic reorder option that will automatically place an order to any local stock item with the appropriate supplier. In addition, product colors, sizes and styles can be tracked using the matrix features, and users can easily assign multiple product codes to each inventory item, with multiple descriptions supported as well.

Acctivate allows users to track an unlimited number of products that currently have a lot or serial number, with options to track by UPC or SKU as well. The application also includes barcoding through the mobile app, making it easy to check orders in with a mobile phone. The mobile barcode app can also be used when counting inventory and picking inventory items to fulfill an order.

Users can attach product photos to the product file along with other relevant documents such as invoices and warranties. Acctivate also supports Bill of Materials, Kitting, and Assemblies. An  unlimited number of pricing tiers are supported in the application, with users able to set pricing as temporary during a sale by including an expiration date. Special pricing can also be assigned to customer, with an option to override any current pricing level. Acctivate supports multiple valuation methods including Average, Standard, LIFO, FIFO, Landed Cost, Added Cost, Management Cost, and Vendor Cost.  

Reporting options are solid in Acctivate and include Customer Information reports, Inventory Management reports, Business Activity reports, Order Processing reports and Purchasing reports, with all reports created using Crystal Reports, and all reports are customizable. All Acctivate reports are viewable on-screen, and can be printed or emailed to recipients. Reports can also be exported to a variety of formats including Microsoft Word and Excel, Text, XML, Rich Text Format, HTML, or to Crystal Reports, with the option to save any report as a PDF.  

Along with built-in QuickBooks integration, Acctivate integrates with SmartVault, along with shipping vendors including USPS, FedEx, and UPS. The application also integrates with numerous online platforms such as Magento, ASPDotNetStorefront, and Volusion. In addition, Acctivate offers numerous add-on modules that are designed to integrate with the core application including Matrix Inventory, Mobile Sales Orders, Mobile Receiving, Multiple Location Control, and Special Order.

Acctivate offers new users a complete onboarding guide as well as a tour guide that introduces the core components of the application. Users also have access to on-demand webinars and a completely searchable knowledgebase. Support tickets can be created directly from the Acctivate website or users can make an appointment for remote support.

Acctivate’s QuickBooks Inventory Management Software is well suited for a variety of businesses, including both brick and mortar and online retailers, manufacturers and product distributors.

Acctivate’s base system includes inventory management and order management, along with sales and customer management, and a variety of add-on modules are available that are designed to increase product functionality.  For the most recent and accurate pricing information, visit  

2020 Rating – 4.75 Stars


·        Offers both on-premise and cloud deployment

·         Seamless integration with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online

·         Numerous add-on modules available

Potential Weaknesses

·         Only suitable for those using QuickBooks applications

·         U.S.-based telephone support is available Monday through Friday.