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2020 Review of Hourly Time Tracking, Payroll and Workers Comp

Hourly is a time tracking and payroll app ideal for service businesses with multiple employees working in multiple locations. Though the application does track and pay both hourly and salaried employees, it is better suited for businesses that employ ...


From the 2020 reviews of time and billing systems for accounting firms.

Hourly is a time tracking and payroll app ideal for service businesses with multiple employees working in multiple locations. Though the application does track and pay both hourly and salaried employees, it is better suited for businesses that employ a large number of hourly employees.

What differentiates Hourly from other time tracking applications is its use of GPS technology to track employee work tasks and locations throughout the day.

Designed as a tool for small business to better manage their employees, Hourly also includes payroll capability, using the hours tracked in the time tracking plan to easily populate payroll information as needed.

Hourly can be used from a web browser, with a Chrome browser required for web access. The application also includes mobile apps for iOS and Android phones, with the app function the same as that found on the web browser.

To begin, those new to Hourly should visit the Settings page, where company details can be added. You can also choose a pay cycle, payroll delivery options, which includes the ability to print checks in-house, and the option to enter a time policy, enter GPS settings, notification settings, and also access advanced options such as activating prevailing wage and group messaging options.

When setting up Hourly, you can add multiple locations and multiple tasks, which can be invaluable to service or repair businesses that typically deploy multiple employees to perform different tasks.

It only takes a few minutes for employees to be added to Hourly, with the only information needed is the employee name, cell phone number and pay rate. While Hourly is designed to track employee time using their cell phone, managers do have the option to enter employee hours manually on a daily basis or for the entire pay period if needed.  The application also has an enforce time policy that can be turned on, which prohibits employees from clocking in before their shift starts.

You can set up multiple work locations, with employees able to choose the appropriate location when they log into the application. After choosing a location, employees will be prompted to choose a task from the task list that appears on screen. Once an employee completes their choices, the timer on the mobile app starts, tracking all time. There is also an option to switch jobs, which will stop time tracking for the current job. They can then log in again, choosing a new location and task from the list. There is also an option to stop the timer for lunch, where it can be restarted once lunch is over.

Employees that forget to log out will be prompted with a question about overtime. If the employee indicated that they worked overtime on a job, their immediate supervisor will be messaged to confirm the overtime hours worked.  If they say they did not work overtime, the application will automatically log your employee out at the correct time.

The payroll option in Hourly is terrific, offering unlimited pay runs, the ability to sync with the timekeeping application and can handle all federal and state tax filing. In addition, you can choose to pay both employees and contractors, with Hourly providing both W-2s and 1099s at year end. Employees can also complete all tax forms, view paystubs and edit all personal information including direct deposit details right from their phone.

Hourly supports both hourly and salary employees and also supports multiple pay rates, garnishments, and new hire reporting.

Hourly pricing carries a base rate and an active user rate. For instance, the Time Tracking plan is $40 per month, plus $8 per active user. The Payroll plan is $60 per month, plus $10 per active user, and the combination plan, which includes both Time Tracking and Payroll is available for a base fee of $80 per month plus $14 per active user. If you have a lot of employees that work from multiple locations on a regular basis, Hourly can save you a lot of time.

2020 Overall Rating: 4.75 Stars