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How BQE Software Is Responding to Employees and Customers During Covid-19

With COVID-19 affecting communities, businesses, and families around the world, it is a difficult time for all of us. The rapid spread of COVID-19 and its devastating impact has disrupted the world, changed our daily lives, and altered how business is ...

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With COVID-19 affecting communities, businesses, and families around the world, it is a difficult time for all of us. The rapid spread of COVID-19 and its devastating impact has disrupted the world, changed our daily lives, and altered how business is being conducted. Our hearts go out to all those who have been affected, directly or indirectly. At BQE Software, our top concern is the well-being of our employees and ensuring our customers have the support and tools to effectively carry-on their business. We have implemented a number of measures to help minimize the potential impact of COVID-19 to our employees and our customers. The information below is reflective of our guidelines and practices as of March 30, 2020. We will update this post accordingly to reflect any fundamental changes to our plan.

Employee Support

The health and safety of our employees is one of our paramount concerns. Like many businesses, BQE Software found it necessary to establish new rules and work practices to ensure their health and safety. We are proud that all of our employees were able to quickly transition to working remotely without any disruption in our business. Here are some of the employee initiatives we have implemented that ensure their safety and continuity of business:

  • Our employees (world-wide) are working from home. BQE has provided them with the equipment and technology needed to remain connected and productive. We are monitoring usage and capacity in real-time and are prepared to adjust as needed.
  • For those rare occasions that employees need to come to the office, we have disinfected workplaces, adopted social-distancing practices, and restricted on-site presence to only when it is absolutely essential.
  • We have postponed all BQE events, including our BQE Succeed 2020 (Learn, Inspire, Connect) until it is safe to travel and meet again. All business travel has been restricted until further notice.
  • We are complying with all local government regulations to ensure the safety of our employees.
  • We have offered additional two weeks of sick leave to employees who might catch the COVID-19 virus.

Customer Support

As our customers are positioning themselves to work remotely, BQE Software is committed to supporting them and their employees during this critical time. Because we operate our CORE products in the cloud, they are uniquely able to help in your efforts to embrace remote work while maintaining their productivity.

To help ease the financial pressures and difficulties brought on by COVID-19, we are announcing several initiatives to help minimize disruptions in your business.

  • Training – Any transition the size and magnitude brought on by COVID-19 requires a new way of operating your business. Our team has developed a series of webinars designed to educate employees how to manage the new remote work environment. These webinars will showcase best practices in remote working. We will also be presenting webinars that provide insights and tips on how BQE products can be utilized to ensure optimized productivity.
  • Customer Support – We have enhanced our current world-wide 24/7/365 email and phone customer support to ensure that any additional influx of customer inquiries are handled promptly. Your business continuity is our highest priority. We have rolled out local 24/7/365 customer support in 12 countries.
  • CORE Upgrades – Working from home means that on-premise software may be unreachable remotely or not secured. Our CORE suite of products lives in a secured cloud and offers real time solutions for Time & Expense Tracking, Project Management, Billing and Payments, Accounting, Human Resource Management, and Reporting. These solutions are accessible anywhere by any device. We are waving off all upgrade fees for our BillQuick, ArchiOffice and EngineerOffice customers.

To support our customers’ ability to work in a remote environment, we are announcing a temporary program to allow access and use of these tools. We are implementing this program to get your company operating with the flexibility and efficiency that is required due to these challenging circumstances. The goal is to ensure your organization’s continuity and efficiency during this difficult period.

  • No payment for 90 days for all new subscription packages purchased on or before May 31, 2020.
  • All upgrades to CORE from BillQuick or ArchiOffice will receive 2 hours of private training to ensure quick orientation and adoption of best practices.
  • For a limited time, our customers can add additional users using monthly or quarterly payment terms.

We hope this information is helpful in understanding how BQE Software is responding to the current crisis. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates here, as needed. Contact us if you have any questions or if we can be of help. Please take care of yourselves and each other. We look forward to seeing brighter days together.

Shafat Qazi

BQE Software CEO & Founder