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2020 Review of TSheets by QuickBooks


TSheets by QuickBooks


From the 2020 reviews of Time & Billing systems.

TSheets is a time tracking application well suited for small to mid-sized businesses of any type. Purchased by Intuit in 2018, TSheets has added several new features, including the ability to add a company logo, a custom mapping feature that allows users to assign custom field items to specific employees, and the ability to auto sync TSheets and QuickBooks Online.

TSheets is completely web-based, and it offers the ability to be used from any type of device, including desktop and laptop computers, smart phones and tablets.

TSheets offers a long list of timekeeping features, including the ability to track time on any type of device, job and shift scheduling capability, and improved integration with QuickBooks products. One of the best features is the Who’s Working feature, which tracks employee locations throughout the day using GPS data to track movement on an interactive map.


TSheets offers a variety of ways to enter time, including an online timecard option which can be accessed from any location with the mobile app. A timeclock kiosk is offered for businesses that wish to track employee time from a single location, with other timeclock options such as facial recognition, a quick clock-in option, and an online punch time clock that can be accessed from any device.

The alerts and approvals feature in TSheets allows managers to create and customize alerts for employees to view to ensure timely clock in and clock out. Overtime tracking is also available in the application, with the ability to calculate holiday rates as well. Users can also create customized emails for employees that serve as a reminder to submit timesheets, with managers receiving a similar reminder to approve timesheets.

Though only available in the Elite plan, users can track time against a specific project and view a project activity feed that keeps all project participants in the loop regarding tasks and due dates. Users can also track hours against specific tasks in a single project.

Along with integration with QuickBooks, Xero, Cougar Mountain, and Sage, TSheets also integrates with popular payroll applications including Gusto, ADP, OnPay, and Paychex. Additional integrations are also available for Square, Expensify, Namely, Asana, and Salesforce.

TSheets offers a simple invoicing option, with the ability to review and edit the invoice prior to finalizing. Once an invoice is completed, a PDF can be created, with the option to print and mail the invoice or email it directly.  The invoicing option in TSheets is basic, and users would be better served to create a more comprehensive invoice in their current accounting software application, or by using one of the invoicing apps with which TSheets integrates. 

TSheets includes good reporting capability with a variety of project reports available that can be sorted by job, group, date or item. Users can also easily extract TSheets data for integration with numerous apps including the payroll applications mentioned earlier, with good payroll reporting options included in the application. All TSheets reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel or as a CSV file for customization, or saved as a PDF. 

The TSheets Learning Center offers a variety of resources for new users including access to live webinars and video tutorials. The Small Business Resource Center provides access to articles and white papers, product brochures, and an FAQ option. Help functionality now goes directly to QuickBooks, which though helpful for QuickBooks users, may not provide the level of assistance that may be required by those using other accounting applications. TSheets offers phone support during extended business hours, with chat and email support available as well.

TSheets is best suited for small to mid-sized businesses that need to be able to track employee time. Particularly good for businesses with a remote workforce, TSheets offers two plans, Premium and Elite. The Premium plan is $8 per user, per month, with at $20 base fee assessed monthly, while the new Elite plan is $10 per user, per month, with a $40 base price. Both plans offer time tracking from any device, QuickBooks integration, a mobile app with GPS, and alerts and notices, while project tracking, project estimates, and timesheet signatures are only available in the Elite plan. Both plans offer a free, 14-day trial with no credit card needed.

2020 Overall Rating 4.5 Stars


·        Offers excellent timekeeping for businesses with remote employees

·         Product is easy to use

·         Offers improved integration with QuickBooks applications

·         Who’s Working real-time GPS tracking feature

Potential Limitations

·         Offers limited invoicing capability

·         Project tracking only available in more expensive plan