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2020 Review of Homebase



From the 2020 reviews of Time & Billing systems.

If you have clients needing a timesheet application or mobile time clock to record employee time, look no further than Homebase.

Homebase currently offers four plans that are ideal for small to mid-sized businesses that need a way to track employee time accurately, and with its scheduling app, Homebase is a particularly good fit for hospitality businesses such as restaurants and cafés.

All plans offer an online schedule builder, open shifts, templates and labor forecasts, complete time clock functionality, including tracking of breaks and overtime, as well as the ability to prepare timesheets for payroll.  Historical timesheets are available for easy access, and users can factor in state-specific guidelines regarding breaks and overtime regulations for any state.

Homebase tracks total hours worked, including breaks and overtime, with the ability to account for tips as well. The application will automatically identify missed breaks or accidental clock outs, with an easy fix available. Once a timesheet is completed, it can be easily exported to a variety of popular payroll software applications including QuickBooks Payroll, ADP, Gusto, Sure Payroll, and Square Payroll.

Time can be easily tracked on multiple devices, including mobile phones, tablets, computers, and point-of-sale applications. The GPS Clock feature displays who is clocking it at what location, allowing managers to verify that employees are at the correct location. Users can clock in offline if necessary, syncing the time to the application once back online, and managers will receive alerts when employees clock in late. The system is also designed to prevent early clocking in. 

The scheduling option in Homebase allows managers to create schedules in minutes, and it offers the ability to share schedules to any device immediately with templates available for easy schedule building. Employees are reminded of upcoming scheduled shifts, and employee time off is easily managed in Homebase as well. Managers will appreciate Homebase’s ability to track labor costs, daily and weekly sales totals, as well as scheduled versus actual hours.

Homebase’s four plans include: Basic, which is free; Essentials, which is $16 per month; Plus, which is $40 per month, and Enterprise, with pricing available upon request. All plans support unlimited employees. Homebase also offers an Accountant Partner program, a nice option for accounting firms that currently process payroll for clients.