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2019 Review of eFileSalesTax



From the 2019 reviews of sales tax compliance systems. is a web-based application that offers sales tax compliance and filing for four states: California, Colorado, Florida, and Illinois. is best suited for small to mid-sized businesses as well as accounting professionals that need to file sales tax exclusively for these four states. Completely online, works with PCs, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

Once registered, users can access and file sales tax for any of the four available states, with a separate module available for each state. supports all state filing requirements, including any local or county taxes that may be required. As an online system, users do not need to worry about tax updates, as the system is consistently updated at regular intervals automatically. hosts all information on secure servers that use SSL encryption, intrusion detection systems, firewalls, and anti-virus software, which all work to keep data secure.  The product also offers 99 percent uptime, so users won’t need to be worried about the inability to access information. allows users to import existing customer and sales data from QuickBooks applications, and can also assist new users with importing data from other applications upon request.  Users can register with at no cost, with a fee assessed only when filing a return. All rates are built into the application, with users only needing to enter sales and deduction information, with the taxes due calculated by

After registering, users will need to add any and all taxpayers to Once this is complete, a new tax return can be started. The user interface is intuitive, with users able to navigate through the application with ease. A Reminders option is available for those who wish to receive notification when tax due dates approach. A complete filing history for any taxpayer is easily accessible in, and preparer information can be added, deleted, or edited at any time.  Complete form instructions are available throughout the application, and users can pay taxes electronically using ACH or credit cards for payment. only supports four states: California, Colorado, Florida, and Illinois with all tax districts within each state supported.  California forms supported include: 401-A, 401-EZ, 401-GS, 401-ASR, Schedules A, B, C and G, and prepayment form 1150, and users have the choice to e-file or print a return form to file by mail.  Florida forms supported include: DR-15, DR-15CS, DR-7, and DR-15SW Solid Waste Surcharge, with users able to file forms electronically directly with the Florida Department of Revenue. For Illinois, offers forms ST-1, ST-2, PST-2, ST-1x, and ST-2x and for Colorado, the form DR-0100 is supported. At this time, the Colorado system does not include automatic look up options for tax rates and jurisdictions, so Colorado filers will have to enter this information in order to calculate taxes properly. Amended forms are also supported in the application. 

Each available state is maintained separately in, with users able to access any or all of the states using the same login and password information, with functionality similar for each state. is suitable for both business owners and accounting professionals handling sales tax processing and remittance for clients in the four states included in the application, with users able to indicate whether they are a business or an accounting firm during the initial registration process. offers built-in help functionality throughout the application, and mentioned earlier, also includes complete instructions for all forms. The product also has a brief FAQ section, and users can register to access a product demo. A user guide is also available to users once they are registered and logged into the application. All support costs are built into the price of the application, with both telephone and email support available. 

Those interested in can register from the website at no cost, with fees only assessed when a return is processed and filed. Pricing for California and Illinois are the same, with 1 filing running $7.95, 4 filings running $29.95, and 12 filings running $89.95. An unlimited filing option is also available for California and Illinois which runs $229 per year. Florida pricing is structured differently, with a $39 fee for a single company, while those filing for multiple companies, such as accounting firms, will need to use the Pro version of the software, which starts at $129 per year. Those interested in Colorado filing will need to contact for pricing information.   

2019 Overall Rating: 4.25 Stars