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2019 Review of Red Wing Software CenterPoint Payroll

CenterPoint Payroll, from Red Wing Software, is available as an on-premise application or a cloud-based application. Both are identical, with users receiving the same selection of features no matter which deployment method is used.


CenterPoint Payroll

Red Wing Software


From the 2019 review of professional payroll systems.

CenterPoint Payroll, from Red Wing Software, is available as an on-premise application or a cloud-based application. Both are identical, with users receiving the same selection of features no matter which deployment method is used. CenterPoint Payroll is designed to work with other CenterPoint Accounting applications, though it can also be used as a stand-alone payroll solution. Best suited for small businesses, CenterPoint Accounting supports unlimited users and unlimited companies, making it a good option for accounting firms that currently offer payroll services to clients. 

New CenterPoint Payroll users can import employee data from another application using the Employee Import Tool, which eliminates the need to enter information manually. A setup wizard is also available in the application. CenterPoint Payroll offers a completely customizable user interface, with the ability to display frequently used menu items in a QuickList for easy access. Payroll processes include Pay Employees, Time Sheets, Reprint Checks, Calculate Paid Leave, and Leave Adjustments. Users can add bank information when setting up a new company, and both the drop-down menu at the top of the screen and the icons below offer quick access to varying system functions. The pay employee screen offers a variety of options, including choosing the employees that should be in the current pay run. If using timesheets, users can import them directly into CenterPoint Payroll, or enter the hours worked for each chosen employee. The product supports direct deposit, and can track multiple pay types and deductions.

CenterPoint Payroll offers good payroll reporting, with all standard payroll reports included in the application. Users can choose to save specific reports as favorites, with both standard default reports and modified reports able to be saved as favorites. You can also create a batch for regularly run reports, and then run that batch at month end, eliminating the need to run each report individually. All CenterPoint Payroll reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel, to a CSV file, or saved as a PDF.

CenterPoint Payroll offers complete tax tables for all 50 states. The product uses Aatrix to process and print all supported tax forms including 940, 941, 943, and 1099 forms, as well as W-2’s. The product includes TIN and SSN verification, supports multi-state payroll and tax filing as well as more than 200 state tax forms. CenterPoint Payroll also supports electronic tax filing, where available, though returns can also be printed on plain paper and mailed to the appropriate tax agency.  

An optional add-on module called Time Clock Import is available for those that wish to import time from an electronic time clock or third-party time capture software. Users can also choose to use the CenterPoint Time Clock module that can be used to track employee time.  CenterPoint Payroll can be used as a stand-alone payroll application, but offers greater functionality when coupled with other CenterPoint applications. The product does offer a QuickBooks interface, so those using QuickBooks can export payroll journal entries into QuickBooks if desired.  

CenterPoint Pay Advices is a publishing service offered by RedWing Software that allows employees to sign up to access payroll related documents such as paystubs from both current and previous years. Any employee using Pay Advices will receive an email notification when a new payroll advice is available for access. CenterPoint Accounting does not currently offer any HR tools or resources. 

CenterPoint Payroll offers a Get Started feature, along with a series of videos that cover a variety of topics including installation, a product introduction, payroll setup, and tax reporting. The Get Started option offers two on-demand courses; Introduction to Center Point and New User Essentials. The What’s New option offers a list of new features in each product release.  A User Guide is also available for downloading and printing. RedWing also offers a customer care plan in silver and gold levels, with both levels offering unlimited toll-free telephone support as well as access to all tax tables and federal tax forms.

CenterPoint Payroll can be used as a stand-along payroll application, but users will reap the most benefits if used with CenterPoint Accounting applications. Pricing for CenterPoint Payroll is customized for each business, with those interested able to request a quote from RedWing Software, with all add-on modules priced separately.    

2019 Rating – 4.75 Stars