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7 Questions to Help Grow Your Advisory Services – Free Whitepaper

Practical advise for accountants looking to move beyond basic offerings.


Client advisory services, or CAS, continues to be permeate as a hot topic of conversation throughout the accounting profession. However, many accountants are still unsure of how to make changes to their firm to incorporate CAS while some accountants even question why they should provide additional services when their core products—accounting, audit, and tax—have proved so successful.

But there can be no mistake. Moving to advisory services will benefit your firm and your clients. To help frame a story around why, this whitepaper provides seven questions you can answer to help kickstart the process of adding advisory services to your firm.

93% of small businesses value accountants as their source of business advice, so the opportunity is out there. Learn more about CAS by downloading the 7 Questions to Help Grow Your Advisory Services whitepaper today.