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Technology Will Never Be Slower Than It Is Today

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It might seem like technology is coming at us like a runaway locomotive, not even slowing down to pick up passengers, just barreling ahead with a mind of its own. New apps, new solutions, new programs, new developments, new cures for problems you didn’t even know existed – the barrage of options is endless and overwhelming. We want to be cutting edge, we want to make the best choices, and we worry that the best choices today will be superseded by tomorrow’s new best choices, and, ultimately, we realize that actually we’ll never get to best.

Since that train’s not going to stop or even slow down for you, it’s up to you to pick moment in time and just jump on board. As an aside, I’d like to mention that one of the best things that has come out of technology development and the use of the cloud for online services is that if you use cloud-based applications that are provided in subscriber models, where you pay a fee to, basically, stay on board, the product will keep developing and improving and you will have the benefit of those improvements without having to go out and buy new software. Your subscription to a cloud-based service keeps you at the front of the line in terms of accessing the latest version of the program you’re using.

In this month’s magazine, some of our regular columnists address the issue of moving forward and staying on top of technology. For example, Randy Johnston focuses on the changes that are coming our way and how the management of an accounting practice can be expected to be altered as a result of technology advances. He warns that many exciting new products aren’t quite ready for prime time, but if you refer to my previous paragraph, you can rest assured that if you choose a cloud-based product, you’ll benefit from all future enhancements.

Brian Tankersley reminds us that we are poised to see much of our audit work become automated and thus those who are entering the profession out of college are going to be expected to perform higher level tasks – which should be happy news for all of those who dread the long hours of footing and ticking.

Jim Boomer addresses technology this month from the client point of view and recommends that we step into their shoes for a moment to try to imagine what they expect of us. Our society is being trained to get results quickly and online. We need to evolve to provide the services they want in as efficient a manner as possible.

Meanwhile, Garrett Wagner and Amy Vetter are asking us to catch our collective breaths for a moment and be attentive to what’s at the heart of our clients’ and colleagues’ desires and address the human side of our work and our business relationships.

Please enjoy what we’re prepared for you this month as you enjoy the waning days of summer.

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