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Biller Genie – 2019 Innovation Award Winner


Biller Genie is the only software solution of its kind – providing innovative features that automate the invoicing and accounts receivable processes. The platform helps small and mid-sized businesses work smarter and improve cash flow by standardizing and automating invoice procedures and follow-up initiatives. As a side effect, Biller Genie also reduces administrative expenses and creates a better customer user-experience that promotes self-service.

As a full-time automated accounting assistant, Biller Genie offers a wide range of benefits that supercharge your existing accounting software and make billing and invoicing a disciplined priority for small and mid-sized businesses.

They include:

  • Seamless integration with popular accounting software including QuickBooks & Xero
  • Automation of the entire notification and follow-up process
  • Integrated ACH, debit and credit card payments resulting in seamless reconciliation
  • A completely branded user experience to strengthen brand awareness
  • A dedicated customer portal that drives self-service
  • A late-fee manager that also alerts customers about penalties associated with delinquencies
  • Elimination of duplicate data entry and errors Biller Genie is the all-in-one solution to help small and mid-sized businesses eliminate busy work and get paid faster.



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