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2019 Review of Cougar Mountain Denali Point of Sale


Denali Point of Sale

Cougar Mountain Software

From the July 2019 Review of Point-of-Sale Systems

Denali, from Cougar Mountain Software (CMS), offers a Point of Sale module that is part of the CMS business application. Denali is well-suited for small to mid-sized retail businesses that are looking for front/back office functionality, or those that are already using the application. The point of sale module is available in both the Ascent and the Summit package, with users able to add additional modules to the package if desired.

Denali’s Point of Sale module offers a freshly updated user interface with updated colors, and a new dashboard. The point of sale module is located in the sales module, offering complete integration with other system modules. The Sales entry screen can be customized to suit user needs, and user-defined fields are available as well. Item buttons representing frequently purchased items can be added to the main sales screen to expedite the sales process, and users can easily create a P.O. based on a sales order if desired. Users can view subtotals, tax, freight charges, if any, and the transaction total at the bottom of the sales screen, and can process cash sales or access customers to the system when processing a customer sale. Both customers and products can be added on the fly if desired. 

Denali Point of Sale supports multiple tender types, including cash, checks, debit and credit cards, gift cards, coupons, and EBT. Users can set up alternate tenders to be used if desired. Multiple transaction types can be processed from the sales interface, including layaways, returns, credits, voids, and special orders. Other non-inventory items such as service charges or add-on costs can also be processed from the sales screen.

Users can choose to utilize a standard monitor to process sales, though touch screen monitors are supported as well as are barcode scanners for those that require faster transaction processing.  Both standard sales items and items not in inventory can be processed through the point of sale module, and Denali also supports product assemblies, allowing users to create a bill of materials table to use for each assembly.

Customer information is managed in Denali’s AR module, which provides access to customer details such as purchasing history, payments on file, payment preferences, and credit limits, if any. User defined fields are also available in order to track additional information if desired.

Denali also includes good inventory management, with the application supporting up to five pricing levels. Users can track inventory by serial number or product code, and an optional multi-location inventory feature is available that can track inventory levels at multiple locations.

Denali offers a good selection of sales and inventory reports, with all standard reports powered by Crystal Reports for solid customization capability. Sales reports available include Sales by Salesperson, Sales History, and Promotional Sales History. Inventory reports include an Understock report, and Overstock report, and a Promotional Items Sales report, as well as a movement report. As Denali uses a batch system, users will need to make sure that all batches are posted prior to running any reports in order to access the most recent information. Along with Crystal Reports, users can also export reports to Microsoft Excel for additional customization.

The Denali Sales module, which contains the point of sale functionality, integrates with other Denali modules for complete front office/back office capability. The product also integrates with an eCommerce solution for those that also sell online. All standard point of sale hardware peripherals are supported, including touch screen monitors, cash drawers, check readers, PIN pads, pole displays, and credit card readers.

Application users can access the service portal to download user guides, with online help also available through the customer portal as well.. Denali also offers good Help options from any screen in the application. Customer support is available during regular business hours, with users having access to support via a toll-free number, or via email. Cougar Mountain also offers a Software Assurance Plan that offers users access to all product updates and enhancements, and offers both training and service discounts as well.  Various training options are also available including on-site training, phone training, and training classes held at Cougar Mountain’s headquarters.

Cougar Mountain Denali’s Point of Sale module is best suited for small to mid-sized retailers that already use Denali software. The point of sale module is available in both the Ascent and the Summit package, but users can create a custom application by purchasing only the modules they need for their business. Pricing varies, depending on the number of modules purchased, and is available from Cougar Mountain upon request.

2019 Overall Rating: 4.75 Stars