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2019 Review of Celerant Stratus


Celerant Stratus

Celerant Technologies

From the July 2019 Review of Point-of-Sale Systems

Celerant Stratus Retail from Celerant Technologies is an enterprise level application designed to provide retailers with complete retail management, whether in-store, online, or from a mobile device. Designed for flexibility, Stratus can be used with Windows, Linux, UNIX, and Mac operating systems, as well as Android, Windows, and iOS smart phones and tablets. Celerant Stratus is available as an in-house application or users can utilize the application as a SaaS solution. The product is well suited for both brick and mortar retailers as well as those selling exclusively online.

Along with the POS module, the retail suite also includes CRM & Shopper Incentives, Order Fulfillment, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Custom E-Commerce, Marketplace Integrations, and Digital Marketing, with additional features available in the application as well.

Celerant Stratus is designed for a variety of retail industries, including Apparel and Footwear, Sporting Goods, Hardware, Pharmacy, and several other niche retailers. Completely customizable, Celerant Stratus allows users to customize the point of sale interface to better suit the needs of the business and the employee. Designed for high-volume transaction processing, the product allows users to easily process multiple transactions from a single screen, including processing sales transactions, looking up pricing, accessing inventory levels, and locating customer detail. Users can also accept product returns, put items on hold, create a layaway for a customer, sell gift cards, offer a gift receipt for any item purchased, and create customer and product information on the fly. 

Designed for larger retailers, Celerant Stratus easily supports multiple store locations and multiple warehouses, making it easy to track product levels at any location. Celerant Stratus also supports multiple tender types, with users able to utilize up to 24 tender types. The product also accepts payments from Apple/Android Pay, and can easily accept foreign currency as well. The mobile inventory app allows users to check inventory from any location, and users can also utilize bar code scanners for processing high-volume sales as well as monitoring all inventory levels.

Celerant Stratus offers excellent customer tracking and management with its built-in CRM, with the ability to track sales from all store locations, both brick and mortar and online. Users can also create targeting marketing campaigns using customer data. Loyalty cards and memberships are supported in the application, with the ability to reward shoppers with in-store and online incentives. Targeted coupons can also be created for customers based on previous sales.

Celerant Stratus offers real-time inventory control, so users will always have access to accurate stock levels. Both minimum and maximum inventory levels can be set, with automatic purchase orders initiated when stock drops below a certain level. The Mobile Inventory option allows users to use their smartphone as a portable barcode scanner to check products into inventory or quickly check inventory levels.

Celerant Stratus offers a comprehensive business intelligence dashboard that provides data from all retail channels, easily tracking sales performance, best sellers, and seasonal trends from a single screen. The product also offers more than 50 standard reports, including both sales and inventory reports including Average Sales, Sales by Location, Inventory Movement, and Sales Levels by Employee, with all reports completely customizable. In addition, all reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel for additional customization if desired.

All Celerant Stratus Retail modules are designed to integrate seamlessly. The product includes complete accounting functionality while also offering integration with a variety of third-party accounting applications such as Sage 100, QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online, and Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Celerant Stratus includes a completely customized E-Commerce software package which integrates seamlessly with the point of sale application using a single database, with users able to offer coupons and other promotions online. The product also integrates with leading third-party marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, allowing users to upload and track products and orders.

Celerant Stratus integrates with all standard point of sale hardware, including both touchscreen and standard monitors, as well as key pads, barcode scanners, signature capture devices, receipt printers, and employee time clocks.

Celerant Stratus offers solid help options that are accessible from within the application.  A variety of resources such as videos and whitepapers are also available from the password-protected client portal. All new Celerant Stratus users are assigned an implementation manager that handles the complete product transition process. Product support options are varied, with support typically offered during regular business hours.

Celerant Stratus is well-suited for multi-channel retailers with both brick and mortar and online stores that are looking for complete front/back office functionality. Those interested in Celerant Stratus can contact the vendor directly for custom pricing or to view a demo of the product.

2019 Rating – 5 Stars