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2019 Review of AccuPOS




From the July 2019 Review of Point-of-Sale Systems

AccuPOS is a point of sale application that offers integration with both QuickBooks and Sage Financial products. AccuPOS is well suited for niche businesses such as bars, restaurants, gift shops, and liquor stores, with a version available for each particular type of business. In addition to offering a variety of retail business types, AccuPOS also offers a retail/wholesale combo version as well as a membership version for membership organizations specifically. AccuPOS is designed for PCs or Android devices and cannot be used with any Apple hardware or operating system.

Recently updated, the New-Gen or new generation of AccuPOS software features a more intuitive user interface as well as the ability to connect POS components to a back-end or management computer. This program, called the AccuSERVER, allows users to connect to all point of sale stations, including any Android mobile device. Conveniently, the user interface reflects this connectivity, with users able to access either front end or back end features and functionality from a single screen.

The newly updated user interface also includes enhanced touch screen capability and increased customization options including the ability to create custom tabs and buttons. Both menu and item buttons have also been enlarged, with numbers only appearing when necessary. Users can create a custom menu of item categories, with specific items set up in each category.

AccuPOS easily hands a variety of sales types from the main interface screen, including general sales, returns, canceled sales, gift cards, layaways, and customer-specific sales. AccuPOS supports multiple tender types including cash, debit/credit, and customer direct sales, with users able to create up to 15 different tender types when setting up the application.

AccuPOS is scalable, offering the ability to purchase a single location application and add additional locations as needed. Touchscreen capability is greatly enhanced with the addition of the New-Gen application, though AccuPOS can also be used with an in-counter scanning device for high-volume sales. An option to use an Android smart phone or tablet to enter sales transactions is also available.

For those that wish to track customer purchases, AccuPOS has teamed up with COMO to offer Como Sense, a loyalty app that allows retailers to create a personalized loyalty program that suits their needs.  A branded mobile app is also available with the Como Sense, and the program provides a series of business insights that can help to increase sales.

AccuPOS offers complete integration with both QuickBooks and Sage financial applications, making it easy to manage customer data within the back-end system, while also sharing the data in AccuPOS, though users can also enter new customer data directly into AccuPOS if desired. Inventory is handled in much the same way, with inventory managed in the back-end financial system. An optional product; AccuCOUNT Inventory is available for those that wish to count current inventory levels. AccuCOUNT works with an Android smart phone and uses a portable barcode scanning device that can quickly count current inventory and update levels as needed.

AccuPOS offers a good selection of management reports including an All Transactions History, Items Sold, Top 10 Items Types by Hour, and a Sales by Hour and a Sales by User report. There are also Restaurant-Only reports available including Comps by User, a Server Summary, and Gratuity reports. All AccuPOS reports can be customized as needed.

AccuPOS integrates with all standard point of sale hardware including cashdrawers, barcode and in-counter scanners, magnetic card readers, thermal printers, and touch screen monitors. Bundled hardware options are also available for purchase from AccuPOS.

AccuPOS is designed to be used as an on-premise solution for brick and mortar retail businesses and does not currently offer shipping integration, nor integration with e-commerce solutions on online shopping cart applications.

The AccuPOS support page provides a variety of tools and resources for new users, including access to a variety of manuals and product downloads. All users receive unlimited telephone and email support, with 24/7 emergency support available as well. Users can also choose to start a remote support session, with remote training sessions offered as well.

AccuPOS is best suited for brick and mortar businesses of all sizes that currently use QuickBooks or Sage financial applications. AccuPOS personnel are available to assist in the set-up process if necessary, with users able to download a free 30-day product demo in order to try the product out prior to purchasing. A typical single-user system is less than $1,000, with any add-on applications extra. Those interested in AccuPOS can contact the company directly for a custom quote.

2019 Rating – 4.5 Stars