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2019 Overview of Kashoo Cloud Accounting


Very small businesses and sole proprietors often find themselves ready to move on from the spreadsheet software they’re using to track income and expenses, but are not quite ready to make the jump to a full-fledged accounting application.

This is where invoice-focused apps can come in handy. These programs are are designed to work with smart phones and tablets to easily upload receipts, take payments from customers from any location and product financial reports.

Kashoo Cloud Accounting

From the July 2019 reviews of small business accounting systems.

Kashoo can be an excellent resource for micro-businesses as well as small business owners that manage a minimal number of financial transactions. Completely web-based, Kashoo can be accessed from a desktop application, as well as iOS and Android smart phones and tablets.

Kashoo includes a default chart of accounts, with users able to add additional accounts when necessary. Users can also import a chart of accounts from another application if desired. Kashoo easily tracks expenses, with users able to snap a photo of a receipt or file and upload it to Kashoo., and users can enter and manage recurring expenses, and even print checks in the application as well.  Invoicing capability is also included in Kashoo, with users able to custom design invoices with a logo or specific payment instructions.

Kashoo offers multiple invoice templates that can be customized for each customer, and users can easily email all created invoices to customers. The product supports recurring invoices, and users can easily create customer statements to email as well. Kashoo will also calculate the appropriate sales tax on any sales transaction, with users able to assign multiple tax types to the transaction. Though payroll is not included in Kashoo, users can process payroll through Paychex, with payroll data automatically imported into Kashoo.

Kashoo can sync with more than 5,000 banks worldwide, enabling users to have all bank and financial institution transactions imported automatically into the application. Automatic bank reconciliation is also included in the application.

Kashoo supports multiple system users as well as multiple currencies, with users able to choose their default currency during product setup. Kashoo also includes decent reporting options with a small, but useful selection of reports available including an Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, and Project Tracking reports. All Kashoo reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel as a CSV or HTML file or saved as a PDF.

Kashoo offers official guides for new users, and a searchable knowledgebase allows users to obtain answers to questions quickly and easily. Telephone and email support are available during regular business hours and the product offers a chat option as well.

Kashoo is currently $199.00 per year, or $19.95 monthly and includes multiple user capability, accountant access, project tracking, multi-currency, reporting and premium telephone support. Those interested in Kashoo can download the application free for up to 14 days.