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2019 Review of TaxSlayer Pro

TaxSlayer Pro has been offering tax preparation software to accounting professionals for more than two decades. TaxSlayer Pro is best suited for firms that prepare a high number of returns. The product is scalable, with three editions available...


TaxSlayer Pro

From the 2019 reviews of professional tax preparation systems.

TaxSlayer Pro has been offering tax preparation software to accounting professionals for more than two decades. TaxSlayer Pro is best suited for firms that prepare a high number of returns. The product is scalable, with three editions available: Classic, Premium, and Pro Web. All editions offer 1040 preparation and filing, but only the Classic and Premium editions offer business filing.

The user interface screen features a variety of colorful icons for quick system access. The main screen offers a grid-style menu where users can choose the option they wish to access. There are also additional options listed on a menu to the left of the grid. Users also have access to the Client Status screen, where all client data can be reviewed, including all state filing information. E-Filing status is also available from this screen as well.

TaxSlayer Pro offers an intuitive user interface screen that offers easy system navigation. The form entry screen provides users with a list of navigational options on the left side, with an enlarged form on the main entry screen where data can be entered. Users also have access to the forms menu at the bottom left side of the data entry screen. Error codes are displayed at the bottom of the form screen, with a complete explanation of the error(s) along with instructions on how to correct them. 

TaxSlayer Pro supports all 1040 federal and state forms as well as any relevant local tax forms Users can also access corporate forms such as 706, 709, 990, 1041, 1065, 1120, 1120s, and 5500 directly from the business suite, which is included in the Classic and Premium editions of TaxSlayer Pro.  The product offers unlimited e-filing capability for both federal and state forms, and users can easily view the status of all e-filed returns from the client status screen.

The TaxSlayer Pro Mobile App called Taxes to Go, allows clients to easily enter all tax related information from their mobile device. Taxes to Go works with both iOS and Android devices.  Once the information is entered by the client, they can upload it directly to TaxSlayer Pro, where preparers can use it to complete their tax return. Once the return has been completed, clients can then receive the completed return via their mobile device, and even sign the return from their device. Conveniently, clients can also view their return status using the Tax Status Now option, reducing the need for phone calls regarding the status of their return. The Paper Cut Paperless Office feature, available only in TaxSlayer Pro’s Premium Edition, allows firms to save all prepared returns as PDFs. In addition, client source documents such as W-2s and 1099s can be scanned directly into Paper Cut Paperless Office. All stored client returns are automatically encrypted, making it easy to share documents with clients when needed.

Each version of TaxSlayer Pro has a variety of modules, with all modules designed to seamlessly integrate. Module options available include the Tax Office Assistant and the Signature Pad, mentioned earlier, which allows clients to sign tax returns using a mobile device. The product also integrates with the TaxBook Web Library, a tax research solution that offers up to date content as well as extensive archives. TaxSlayer Pro also integrates with numerous bank related applications that offer a variety of products including electronic refund checks, prepaid debit cards, and advance refund loans.

TaxSlayer Pro offers users excellent help and support resources, including a comprehensive knowledgebase that can be accessed from any data entry screen. Users can also select from a variety of support options from the TaxSlayer Pro Support page, including a Support Blog, Email Support, Support Ticket, and Help Videos. A variety of product tutorial videos are also available, and users can download the Quick Start Guide that guides users through initial product setup. TaxSlayer Pro support is also available via telephone, with support available during regular business hours, with extended hours available during tax season.

TaxSlayer Pro is a good fit for small to mid-sized accounting firms. The Classic version of TaxSlayer Pro is $1,095 for any number of users in the same office and includes both individual and business tax returns and unlimited e-filing. The Premium and Pro Web versions both cost $1,395 for any number of users, with the mobile app included, although the Pro Web edition does not offer business tax preparation or filing capability at this time. All editions of TaxSlayer Pro offer integration with bank products.

2019 Rating – 4.5 Stars