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2019 Review of GoSystem Tax RS from Thomson Reuters

GoSystem Tax RS from Thomson Reuters is part of the CS Professional Suite of applications designed for accounting professionals and corporate tax departments alike. GoSystem Tax RS is well suited for firms preparing multitiered consolidated corporate ...

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From the 2019 reviews of professional tax preparation systems.

GoSystem Tax RS from Thomson Reuters is part of the CS Professional Suite of applications designed for accounting professionals and corporate tax departments alike. GoSystem Tax RS is well suited for firms preparing multitiered consolidated corporate returns, life insurance returns, and tax equalization returns, though the program handles individual returns as well.

GoSystem was one of the first tax compliance software applications to offer an online accessible tax compliance application, with firms able to choose accessibility through an online virtual office or to access GoSystem Tax RS as a SaaS application. Though offered online exclusively, users can work online or off-line, with all data entered quickly uploaded once an online connection is re-established.

GoSystem Tax offers an intuitive user interface with the ability to customize the interface to better suit their needs. Easy access is provided for all tax organizers, and the product supports multiple monitors for easy form preparation.  The QuickTrack feature is designed to provide users with quick access to frequently used organizer screens, meaning faster access to client data and source documents, and the QuickForm feature provides a list of all major tax forms and directs users to the correct organizer screen.

GoSystem Tax RS is designed to handle complicated corporate returns, but also supports individual return processing as well. The product currently supports federal, state, and local tax forms including 1040, 1041, 1042, 1042S, 1065, 1120, 990, 706/709, along with related Payroll, U.S. Territories, Canadian, Pension, and Election Statements, with updates issued daily during the tax season.  GoSystem Tax RS includes a custom tax equalization module designed to handle expatriate calculations, with the module offering more than 20 templates, 11 equalization statement formats, and gross up calculations for numerous states including AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, DE, GA, IL, KY, LA, MA, MD, MI, MN, NC, NJ, NM, NY, OH, OK, PA, and SC.

GoSystem Tax RS supports both federal and state e-filing, with users able to validate returns prior to e-filing. Another handy feature is the ability to click on any line on a completed tax form to display an audit trail for the amount displayed. Diagnostic messages are also available in the application and users can easily view processing results as they are entered using the auto-compute feature.

GoSystem Tax RS does not offer a portal, but the product offers easy integration with the NetClient CS Portal, part of the CS Professional Suite of applications. The NetClient CS Portal allows firms to share returns with clients, with clients provided with secure access to the portal, where they can upload source documents and other related information. Data can also be imported directly to the application from a variety of applications if necessary.

GoSystem Tax RS offers excellent integration options, integrating with Accounting CS and Workpapers CS, Trial Balance CS, Write-Up CS, FileCabinet CS, and GoFileRoom, as well as AdvanceFlow, a cloud-based audit management application. Other integrations include Practice CS, Fixed Assets CS, and Planner CS, which allows user to create multiple tax strategies for their clients in order to minimize tax liability.

Along with the Thomson Reuters applications mentioned above, GoSystem Tax RS also integrates with a variety of third-party applications such as EMC Documentum, SurePrep, and Copanion, which all use OCR processing technology. The product also integrates with QuickBooks, as well as GoTracker, an add-on application that allows managers and administrators to log time, monitor due dates, and set customizable milestones and tasks for system users in order to improve overall firm workflow.  Users can also easily access research content from applications such as Checkpoint, PPC Deskbooks, and Partner Bridge. 

GoSystem Tax RS offers solid help functionality, with users able to access help directly from any user interface screen. There are a variety of online tools and resources available including an online community, where users can share information and ask questions of fellow users. The Help and How-To Center offers a variety of support options including a searchable knowledgebase, as well as access to the GoSystem Tax RS Support page, which provides access to updates and new product releases, Hot Topics, and quick access to training information. Users can also access product support via the support page, or by using the toll-free number provided.

GoSystem Tax RS is optimally designed for mid-sized to larger accounting firms that handle a variety of complex returns for their clients.  With extensive integration capability with CS Professional Suite along with various third-party applications, users have access to the data and documentation needed to easily process even the most complicated return. GoSystem Tax RS pricing is customized for each firm, starting at around $4,000 annually for a single-user system.

2019 Rating: 5 Stars