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2019 Overview of Gagnon Tax

GAGNONtax, founded in 2001, and headquartered in Boston, MA offers tax consulting to a variety of clients; mostly large, publicly-held companies. Services offered by GAGNONtax include technical consulting in both federal and state tax disciplines along with tax compliance and technology solution development, design and integration, while also offering tax and financial planning services including estate planning, trust administration and family office services to affluent individuals and families. 

GAGNONtax also offers tax technology consulting, which includes custom-built solutions, tax software evaluation, selection, implementation, and integration, as well as end-user training.  One of their technology solutions is ProVisionGt, an online platform designed to protect data integrity, increase productivity while offering built-in audit trail functionality. ProVisionGt offers web-based access, and two-level authentication to keep data secure. In addition, all data stored in the application is SSL encrypted. The application allows users to easily enter data into the user-friendly interface or use of the import templates that are included in the application, rolling forward previous provisions to ensure consistency. All data from ProVisionGt can be exported directly into Microsoft Excel, printed, or saved as a PDF.