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2019 Review of ImagineTime Time and Billing

Imagine Time Time and Billing is part of the Imagine Time suite of practice management applications. Imagine Time is well-suited for professional services firms of any size. Imagine Time is available in both a desktop and a cloud-based application for

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ImagineTime Time and Billing


From the 2019 review of time & billing management systems.

Imagine Time Time and Billing is part of the Imagine Time suite of practice management applications. Imagine Time is well-suited for professional services firms of any size. Imagine Time is available in both a desktop and a cloud-based application for those that want anytime/anywhere access.

Along with cloud access, Imagine Time also offers a mobile app for Android and iOS smart phones and tablets that allow complete mobile timekeeping capability. Recently added to Imagine Time is the ability for iOS app users to email invoices to clients directly from their device.

ImagineTime is easily navigated, using a ribbon style menu that can be customized for each user role. The product has also retained its legacy menu, so users can choose between the two interface options when setting up the product.

Staff time can be entered in Imagine Time using the After-the-Fact time entry option, which is typically used in firms where a single employee enters all recorded time for multiple employees. Users can choose to enter time immediately after a task has been completed, though users can also enter time prior to completing a task, or even weeks after a task has been completed. The product contains separate tabs for chargeable and nonchargeable time, with an option to enter additional expenses as well. The product also offers unlimited timers, with users able to use multiple timers simultaneously. When using the timers, users will be prompted to save any time accrued on the timer to the Saved Slip Timer option.

The billing dashboard in ImagineTime allows users to easily view the billing status for all charges entered into the system. Users can create a custom invoice for clients, and can preview any bills prior to processing. There are five bill types available in ImagineTime including Detail Slip, Narrative Slip, Progress Bills & Final Bills, Fixed Fee Retaining/Recurring Bills, and SuperBills. Users can print bills individually or process them in batches. There is also an option to email bills to clients directly from the dashboard once they have been previewed. All bills must be printed either to the screen or to a printer before they can be posted.

ImagineTime offers a good selection of system reports, which are classified by category, including Client and Contact Lists and Reports, Due Date Reports, Pre-Billing Reports, and Time & Expense Reports. Users can click on a report category to view a list of available reports. Transaction reports, staff and client performance reports, and a daily totals report are also available. A report wizard is also available that allows users to create custom reports, with the ability to save all reports for future access. All ImagineTime reports can be previewed, printed, or exported to Microsoft Excel for further customization.

Along with time and billing, ImagineTime also offers a variety of additional modules that are designed to all integrate. Additional modules available include calendar scheduling, CRM, credit card processing, workflow management, and document management capability. ImagineTime also offers Basic and Advanced integration with QuickBooks. The Basic version is included with the application, while the Advanced option, which is known as the Duplicate Subsidiary Ledger, will need to be purchased separately. The Advanced option will allow users to post ImagineTime invoices to QuickBooks in real time. Also available at an additional cost is a QuickBooks import utility, that will provide users with the ability to import customer data and all accounts receivable date directly into the application. ImagineTime also offers seamless integration with a variety of tax software including Lacerte, UltraTax, ProSeries, ATX, and Drake.

ImagineTime offers a variety of help and support options for system users, including a series of instructional videos. There is also a video product tour available as well. Users can access or download an online manual, and a series of FAQs can be viewed as well. ImagineTime offers three support levels to system users including Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Product updates, along with both telephone and email support are available in all plan levels. Support access can also be obtained via a remote session.

ImagineTime is well suited for professional services firms of any size that desire a comprehensive time and billing component along with optional practice management capability. Prices vary for ImagineTime, with the desktop version starting at $295 for a single user. ImagineTime Cloud starts at $30 per user per month. Both options offer add-on modules that are priced separately.

2019 Overall Rating – 5 Stars