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WennSoft Job Cost Software

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WennSoft was founded in 1995 and offers enterprise-level software solutions to the construction trades, including builders, equipment managers and operators, and service contractors. Built on Microsoft Dynamics GP, WennSoft is a powerful industry-specific tool that is surprisingly easy to use.

Basic System Functions

WennSoft contains a drop-down menu at the top of the screen where users can access transactions, handle inquires or run reports. The home page of WennSoft is role-based, so each user will have a completely customized interface from which to work. Journal entry screens are free of clutter and are visually pleasing, with important fields highlighted in red. The Home menu interface contains a complete system menu that lists all system modules available. Clicking on a module will bring up the features found within that module, and clicking on the down arrow expands the menu. Users can also include To Do reminders and Quick Links on the home page, both of which provide access to pressing tasks, as well as frequently used functions. Clicking on the Customize this Page link to the right allows the user to choose from Outlook, Metrics, My Reports and QuickLinks.

WennSoft offers easy multi-location capability and will work with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. 5

Core Accounting Capabilities

The GL module in Microsoft Dynamics GP integrated to WennSoft offers an excellent selection of features and includes multi-currency capability. Users can choose to utilize batches for entering transactions or use the Quick Journal Entry option to enter transactions without a batch. The Payables module processes invoices, returns, finance charges and credit memos. Payments can be scheduled in the payables module, with the ability to edit or void existing schedules. The Receivables module handles payment processing, including Lockbox processing and employee commissions.

The Payroll module offers complete payroll processing, with multi-state capability as well as the ability to enter and track multiple deductions. Additional accounting modules in WennSoft include Electronic Banking, Bill of Materials, Advanced Financial Analysis, Inventory Control and Purchase Order processing. WennSoft offers an excellent audit trail with the ability to perform an inquiry that easily traces system transactions to the originating entry. User security is role-based, with all new users assigned a security role, which, in turn, grants access to various forms, reports and tasks. Passwords can be assigned for each module, and account-level security is also available. 5

Construction/Contractor-Specific Features

WennSoft can easily import estimates from third-party estimating programs or Excel and text files. The Project Level Module allows users to combine multiple jobs into a single project. A project-level billing option is also included, which allows for billing multiple job costs on a single invoice. The Project Management Portal provides access to all job-related documents that are stored in an easily accessed location, making them easily retrievable by vital personnel. Both active and inactive job information can be accessed from the Project Management Portal.

All Project information can be reviewed in the Project Status window, which provides a detailed look at cost, billing and revenue for each job. Change orders are processed under the Job Status function, with the ability to add additional work, edit existing change order amounts, or track cost codes that are attached to change orders.

The Receivables transaction inquiry screen displays all customer transactions, both posted and unposted. Users can also view historical data for all customers. Customer activity reports allow users to analyze everything from commission reports to sales and invoice reports. Vendor information is easily managed, with the ability to track entire vendor history, class, credit limits and transaction history. Employee information can be managed in the Payroll module with the ability to review an entire payroll transaction history, check history or account distribution history.

The Subcontractor status function tracks complete subcontractor information including total original amounts, total change orders and other system totals. Users can also enter relevant insurance information or add additional jobs, as needed. The Inventory Control module allows users to enter both lot numbers and serial numbers for inventory items, along with a pricing wizard that makes it easy to assign the correct pricing to items. WennSoft offers an excellent Scheduling and Dispatch system that maintains a comprehensive customer database and easily handles multiple calls and assignment of multiple technicians. The schedule board is highly intuitive, with user-defined color coding available to check job status. The schedule board also interfaces with laptops and other mobile devices for easy field communication with technicians. The Equipment Management module easily tracks equipment rentals, calculates operational costs, and maintains a service schedule for each piece of equipment. 4.75

Reporting & Management Tools

WennSoft offers exceptional reporting capabilities with quick access to vital report functions. Hundreds of financial and job-related reports are available, including the Job Status Report, Committed Costs and Contracts in Progress. The Job Cost module also contains report categories, which include Billing reports, History reports, Labor reports, Subcontractor reports and Vendor Activity. All reports can be emailed from the report screen or exported to PDF format.

WennSoft allows users to set up and print AIA reports by utilizing Crystal Reports and/or SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). ODBC connectivity is required to print these reports if using Crystal Reports. All WennSoft system reports are fully customizable, with the ability to use ad hoc queries to create additional report filters. The Letter Writing Assistant allows users to create customized vendor, employee or customer letters utilizing the Word mail merge function.

WennSoft makes excellent use of portals, allowing all pertinent documentation, contracts, blueprints and change orders to be accessed from anywhere. Accessing WennSoft remotely is easy, with field personnel and service technicians able to access the software wherever they are. And as previously noted, the schedule board interfaces with mobile devices for communication with technicians out in the field. 5


WennSoft is an integrated system built on Microsoft Dynamics GP technology. As a result, the product integrates beautifully with all Microsoft products and easily imports or exports files from a variety of formats. Tables and payroll information can also be easily imported, as can job estimates. Reports can be easily exported into Excel, and ODBC connectivity offers unlimited import/export functionality throughout the system.

WennSoft offers a variety of construction/contractor related systems from which to choose, including Job Cost, Work Order Management, Service Management, Equipment Management and Project Management, all of which integrate with the core financial product. 5


Excellent Help functionality is available throughout, including detailed Help for each GP module, as well as a ‘Help on this Page’ function that can be selected from within any screen. WennSoft also includes user guides for all modules in PDF format, so they can be easily accessed or printed if desired.

A variety of support and maintenance plans are available to system purchasers, with prices varying on number of users and plan purchased. The vendor’s website contains an excellent product overview, as well as various case studies that users can view at their convenience. 4.75

Summary & Pricing

WennSoft is an excellent financial management/job cost product. Pricing varies according to number of users and modules purchased, but the job cost module starts at $4,400. This product is ideal for larger construction companies and contractors that need to have flexibility, customization capability and easy system access from multiple locations. Easily navigated with good setup assistance built into the product, WennSoft smoothly combines power and ease of use into a top-notch product.

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