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W2 Mate Offers E-Filing and PDF Generation of Recipient Form Copies


Real Business Solutions


W2 Mate from Real Business Solutions is designed to provide accounting professionals or business users with year-end information reporting capabilities. The network-ready system can be used to manage multiple payers/clients and includes preparation for forms W-2, W-3, 1099-INT, 1099-MISC, 1099-DIV, 1099-R and 1096, enabling users to produce all copies of forms for paper-based or electronic filing to the SSA, IRS and states that support the combined filing program.

W2 Mate’s primary interface offers easy access to payer information screens, as well as to selection lists for recipients, with payees grouped by form type. Data entry takes place on form replicas that include selection lists for items such as tax type and state selections, with employer/company data pre-populated. Totals for forms W-3 and 1096 are automatically summed from corresponding recipient forms and populated, as well.

W2 Mate can import data directly from QuickBooks and CSV files, and can export W-2 and 1099 fields to Excel. Additionally, an option to produce password-encrypted PDF recipient copies of W-2s and 1099s for electronic distribution to payees whether via e-mail or any other electronic means is available. W2 Mate’s interface and intuitive navigation menus make management and preparation of client and recipient data simple, while automatically aggregating data and producing 1096 and W-3 transmittal summaries. The system can support any number of client filers and their recipients, and also offers import of payer and payee data from QuickBooks and CSV files, with an export option to Excel.

Users can generate forms and reports to plain paper or pre-printed forms, and the network-ready W2 Mate system can be used by any number of users in the same office. Pricing for W2 Mate starts at $39 for a base system for one user and support for only forms W-2, 1099 Misc, W-3 and 1096, with print-based output on both blank paper and pre-printed forms. Additional options like E-filing, QuickBooks import, PDF creation and so forth cost extra, where the user can pick and choose from a list of features based on his or her requirements.

Real Business Solutions also offers a payroll solution called Payroll Mate, a live payroll processing program that includes generation of federal and state quarterly reporting with customizable deductions and accruals management features. Pricing for Payroll Mate starts at $99 and is also available in a version designed for churches.

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