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PC Software Accounting, Inc. – Client Write-Up for Windows



PC Software Accounting, Inc. (PCSAI) introduced the first version of its Client Write-Up for Windows system in 1997, and has continued to develop and add to the program since then. The most recent version, 9.24, continues to provide comprehensive professional accounting features, including full GL, financial reporting, bank reconciliation, after-the-fact payroll, tax interfaces, and payroll compliance reporting.  The vendor also offers an optional job costing feature and an integratable Computer Checkbook system, which offers AR, AP and full checkwriting features. The system also includes the capability to print and e-file payroll reports such as W-2s and 1099s, as well as many state reports. There is no charge for multiple states for e-filing W-2s, 1099s or state reports.

Basic System Functions

Client Write-Up is network-ready and designed for any number of concurrent users and has multiple security features for limiting access to clients and program areas. The initial installation processes are streamlined and provide simple tools for creating and managing basic company data, as well as more detailed information for client accounts, with users able to copy charts from other clients or create completely custom account structures. The system’s primary interface is centered on a home screen that provides navigation pull-down menus across the top of the screen for file management, setup tasks, transactions, reports, utilities and other programs. An additional icon-based menu gives quick access to specific program areas such as chart of accounts maintenance, ledger transactions and bank reconciliations.

The program can manage an unlimited number of client business entities, with client access screens offering selection by number or alphabetically. Client employee selection screens offer the same general functionality. In the same manner, and throughout the system, information may be quickly accessed. For example, employees may be accessed by number or by part of their first or last name. Transaction work screens are easily accessed and provide intuitive entry in heads-up or heads-down mode. Overall, system functions are easily available, allowing quick access to key functions and information with basic customization options, such as changing screen size and data-entry modes. 4.25

Core Write-Up Features

Many of the more common write-up features are located using the Transactions menu, which has options for accessing transactions, journals, reconciliation tools and trial balance utilities. Users can set recurring transactions and journal entries to automatically post. Splitting, deleting and modifications to entries can be processed in batch mode. Client Write-Up does not require the closing of periods, allowing users to keep all financial periods open, thereby easing the process of making adjusting entries and running reports for prior periods, while also maintaining a full-time audit trail to document all activities. The program also has a Debit/Credit Check tool that provides a quick summary of GL balances, as well as options that allow data to be checked in commonly used formats such as by reference within journals.

Bank reconciliation worksheets and reports for all cash accounts are available via an integrated reconciliation feature, plus the system offers the ability to download client bank statements directly from many financial institutions. The add-on Computer Checkbook module offers payroll and payables, check creation, prepares deposit slips and creates journal entries for these tasks. The system also allows creation of journal entries for other transactions, such as debit and credit card transactions, online payments or accumulated depreciation. Additional features in the Computer Checkbook system include direct deposit and MICR check printing, invoicing and accounts receivable, and a full-functioned payroll services feature that allows accounting firms to process advanced payrolls, automatically bill them and in generally perform all the functions of a payroll service. 4.5

Reporting & Financial Statements

The Client Write-Up system has a large collection of managerial reports, including cash reports, tax estimates, budgeting, GL listings, working capital, net sales to assets and trial balance. Full financial sets include balance sheets, income statements, retained earnings, cash flow, sales schedules and break evens. Reports can be run individually, consolidated or by cost center with an unlimited amount of history. Client Write-Up includes extensive and detailed reporting options, with multiple report writers that make it generally easy to tailor output to user needs. All reports can be saved to Excel for further customization and analysis. Reports can then be read back in from Excel to allow reports to be printed in AICPA or other required formats. Reports can also be output to PDFs for paperless management. Invoicing and full receivables functionality is available through the Computer Checkbook add-on. 4


Client Write-Up integrates with the vendor’s Payroll and Computer Checkbook system, the latter of which can be used by client businesses for basic bookkeeping functions. It can also import data from QuickBooks, CSV and plain text formats, with data review processes performed while entering information. Imported data can include GL or payroll transactions.  Specialized export tools are built into the program for preparing and exporting data into plain text, Excel and the format required of McDonald’s franchisees. The company offers full conversions of existing charts of accounts. The system can also export tax interface data to match the formats needed for TaxWorks, TaxWise, Lacerte, ProSeries, UltraTax CS, ATX and Drake.  As well, Client Write-Up has generic ASCII tax interfaces and a generic Excel interface that can be used for other tax programs. 4

Help & Support

Client Write-Up supports all modern versions of Windows including the latest Windows 7. It includes a training CD and printed user manual with a practice set exercise, while its built-in assistance tools include a traditional Help index that offers useful screen shots, F1 key access to field-specific Help from anywhere in the program, tutorials, practice sets, a system overview, and a link to the company’s website. Unlimited live technical support with remote screen sharing and troubleshooting is free. 4.25

Summary & Pricing

Client Write-Up for Windows provides a good collection of productivity tools and offers good import and export options. Its open period structure is a valuable feature for those with write-up expertise, and the program’s reconciliation functions are nicely streamlined, while output into multiple file formats is also available. Client Write-Up can support firms of all sizes and costs $795 for a single-user system; a multi-user site license costs $895.

2010 Overall Rating 4.25

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