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ImagineTime Finish-Line/Due Date Monitoring

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ImagineTime Finish-Line/Due Date offers a due date monitoring and task management product that can be purchased as a separate practice management module within their time and billing suite or a stand-alone product. Finish-line tracks important client and firm deadlines and can also manage the specific steps necessary to complete a main task. 

This scheduling program software package ships with most federal tax tracking due dates and a sample of selected tasks. It also includes an optional integrated scheduling calendar, an indispensable tool for tracking deadlines of all kinds. A report generator lets you tailor and save reports for particular deadlines, e.g. all 1040 items due can be assigned to any staff person under a single extension designation. With our task progress tracker, you can choose the deadline type, designate a due date range, and even generate and print reports according to order type or for selected client groupings.

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