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AFSB — Accounting and Financial Site Builder


Accounting and Financial Site Builder (AFSB) is a website builder solution provided by the Tenenz family of products for accounting and tax practitioners. AFSB offers easily customizable website designs as well as support for self-maintained web pages.

AFSB targets accounting firms that want the ability to create and edit their own web pages, with a robust WYSIWYG editor for interactive creation and changes by end users. A good selection of site templates is included to help end users create an effective website quickly. Templates use cascading style sheets (CSS), and make it possible to implement site-wide changes with the click of a mouse. Simple typing is all that’s required, although HTML coding for added customization is also readily accommodated.

AFSB provides support for new subscribers that includes getting a temporary site online immediately, using a sub domain (e.g. AFSB staff then assists with domain registrations and other technical details of acquiring a unique domain name (e.g. or transferring an existing domain to their hosting service. The firm owns the rights to the domain name, and AFSB will transfer the domain to another host for a small fee upon termination of the firm’s service plan, should that be desired. The AFSB brand does not show up anywhere on your website pages. There is no limit on the number of pages you can have on your AFSB site. AFSB reports that the average accounting firm website using their service is nine pages. AFSB hosts all sites at a SAS 70 Type II Certified facility staffed 24x7x365 with a high level of security, with over 99 percent uptime, and redundant Internet and power connections.

AFSB offers many options for flexibility in email hosting, and integration is very good. The firm can maintain its own e-mail server or have e-mail services hosted and supported by AFSB. Spam filtering and virus scanning is included with all hosted e-mail accounts.

AFSB has a large library of accounting and tax-related content that a firm may link to in its website, providing website depth without the burden of generating the text from scratch. Firms may include any or all of a variety of financial and tax calculators provided by AFSB, again without re-inventing these wheels. The firm can easily upload and file its own digital images for use on the site, and can take advantage of a catalogue of images provided by AFSB.

Many accounting firms have found that a regular newsletter to clients is an effective way to keep in touch, retain clients and generate new engagements. AFSB provides professionally written content for a monthly newsletter that draws clients back to the website every month. Interactive functions include such tools as financial calculators, online organizers, a forms building tool, calendars and more.

AFSB integrates client portals for secure file transfer between the accounting firm and its clients. These portals are a private area of the website where clients and employees can leave confidential files in secure folders for each of the firm’s clients. Five e-mail boxes or e-mail forwarding addresses are included with each account, and can be accessed using e-mail clients like Microsoft Outlook or smartphones using the POP, IMAP and SMTP protocols. AFSB does not charge for the initial setup of a new website, and the average monthly fee is as low as $23.99, depending on payment options and additional features and services. Custom website design and search engine optimization are available as add-on services from AFSB at affordable prices, as well. AFSB noted that it offers a lowest price guarantee as does its parent company, Tenenz, Inc., and subscribers to AFSB are offered discounts on all other Tenenz tax and accounting products.

Websites created using AFSB:

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