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A-Systems Corporation — A-Systems JobView

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A-Systems JobView is an industry-specific product designed for construction companies and contractors of all sizes. Available in three distinct versions, JobView offers an easy-to-implement, easy-to-navigate system that does the job often purported by much more expensive products.

Basic System Functions

A-Systems JobView offers users a minimalist approach on the user interface. At the top of the screen is a menu bar that provides access to various system functions along with management features and access to all system modules. A vertical bar to the left of the screen contains a list of colorful icons representing all installed modules and frequently accessed functions. Journal entry screens are small, but contain numerous tabs designed to expedite data entry. A New Company Startup Wizard is available to use when setting up new companies, and the preferences feature allows users to set the menu style they prefer, along with adding or hiding menu icons and wallpaper. A calculator feature is available, as is the option to enable or disable individual wizards that can be used when entering customers, vendors and employees.

Numerous overview screens are available for each company, along with AR, AP, Financial, Accounting, Project Manager Jobs, and Superintendent. These overviews contain general information, along with summarized views of vital areas. For instance, the Project Manager Job Overview contains general information along with Cost, Income, Income/Cost and Bonding Summary screens.

JobView works with the latest technology, including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, as well as older hardware. 4.25

Core Accounting Capabilities

JobView offers GL, AP, AR, and Payroll modules in all versions of JobView. The GL module provides a user-defined chart of accounts option. Users can maintain account history for an unlimited number of accounting periods, and recurring JEs can be entered in JobView. The AP module allows for entering vendor/subcontractor information on the fly, and users can easily make partial payments on subcontractor invoices. The AR module processes Progress Billings and easily handles numerous items and varying tax rates. The Item Price File allows for an unlimited number of items and pricing levels for each item. The Payroll module is designed specifically for the construction industry and contains features such as Certified Payroll, the ability to enter an unlimited number of worker’s compensation rates, as well as liability insurance rates and union deductions. Timesheets can be imported in JobView from spreadsheet programs, as well as from electronic time clocks.

Additional accounting modules available include Inventory/Warehousing, Purchase Orders, Fixed Asset Management, Sales Quote/Sales Order (included in the base package and available to everyone, not as add-ons), Point of Sale and Equipment Costing, all of which are available in all three JobView versions.

JobView offers excellent audit trail capability, with all posted system transactions recorded in an archive that details who entered the transaction and when it was completed. This information is easily viewed in the View Activity Log found in the Utilities menu.

User security is multi-level with all new users assigned various menu access options that can range from full access to module access, to specific features found within each module. 4.75

Construction/Contractor-Specific Features

JobView offers easy budgeting and job estimating when adding any new job. Users can also choose to import estimating data from a variety of third-party estimating products if desired. The Adding a Job screen allows users to enter extensive information from one screen. After entering general information, users can then add budget or estimating information, change orders, job site information, certification, architect information, financing, billing phases, notes and a user-defined field to be used as needed. The Project Management Overview feature allows for tracking information by each specific project manager, and includes general and summarized information about each job. When accessing jobs already in the system, users can track all necessary items, along with producing an overview of that job, which shows in-depth information such as all budgeted, committed and actual costs, along with percentage of completion and variances, if any. The job overview option also contains numerous tabs at the top of the screen that produce overviews of all important aspects of the job including financial, subcontracts, and AP and AR transactions posted against the job, and any attachments or notes included with the job. Both customers and vendors are easily tracked in JobView, with numerous user-defined fields available to track the information needed, as well as default information. The excellent Payroll module allows management to track all labor costs associated with employees, along with detailed personal and job-related items such as varying charge rates, fringe benefits and numerous user-defined fields.

The comprehensive Inventory module handles multiple warehouses, multiple pricing levels for each item and vendor pricing that can be assigned for each vendor. The Purchase Order module allows users to assign a default job for each PO, and can warn users when a job is about to go over budget.

The included Critical Path Scheduling function allows for mapping out every step of every job on a job-by-job basis. Equipment Costing allows for tracking of important information about equipment, including serial numbers, profitability, fixed asset information and service schedules. Photos can also be attached, and user-defined information can be tracked, as well. 4.75

Reporting & Management Tools

Reports are available in each of JobView’s modules. JobView offers an excellent selection of job management reports, including the Job Detail Listing report that provides comprehensive information on each job. The Complete Job Cost Analysis report gives users a business-wide financial picture with all utilized job codes included. DataView reports are easily accessed reports available in each accounting module, with reports such as Cost Code Listing and Job Billing Phases processed in just a few mouse clicks. AIA Billing is available and can be implemented using the job setup function under billing phases. The Form Maker function allows for custom forms, including invoices, statements, checks and purchase orders. The File Cabinet lets users attach all types of files, notes, documents and photos to permanent records.

JobView currently offers a third-party PDA interface for easy job site communication and transmittal of timesheets. 4.75


Budgets and estimates can be easily imported. Timesheets can also be imported into JobView, as can essential database items such as employee and vendor lists. Users can also import data from QuickBooks. ODBC drivers are available for high-end data transferring. All reports can be emailed directly from the report screen, converted to PDF or exported as a spreadsheet file as a document file or a text file.

JobView is an integrated product with modules available in bundles or separately, as needed. Additional modules available include Electronic Import/Export, Point of Sale, ODBC, Credit Card Processing and IRS Payroll Reports. 5


JobView contains an excellent selection of Help tools, including the Procedures Guide, Bean Counting 101 (designed for non-accounting personnel), and an excellent Help option where users can search an index or key in search terms. Those who purchase a technical support agreement receive product updates as they are released. Training is available onsite and online. Support is U.S.-based and is available during regular business hours, with technical support agreements available on an annual, semi-annual or quarterly basis. Technical support is also available per incident. 5

Summary & Pricing

A-Systems JobView is available in three separate editions, the Small Builder Advantage (SBA) Edition, Standard and Preferred. Most of the modules mentioned in this review are included in all three editions, making it easy for smaller businesses to trade up to a more robust version of the product. Pricing starts at $79.95 for the SBA Edition, with the Preferred Edition available for $4,995. Scalability, ease of use, and an extensive list of construction and contractor-specific features make JobView an excellent choice for construction and related trades of all sizes.

2010 Overall Rating 4.75

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