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2019 Review of SutiExpense

SutiExpense from SutiSoft is an online travel and expense management application that is designed to track corporate travel and related expenses. SutiExpense is well-suited for businesses of all sizes, and the product contains a mobile app that works ...

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[From the 2019 reviews of Expense Management systems.]

SutiExpense from SutiSoft is an online travel and expense management application that is designed to track corporate travel and related expenses. SutiExpense is well-suited for businesses of all sizes, and the product contains a mobile app that works with smart phones and tablets.

SutiExpense is a scalable application, offering three versions, with each version offering an increasing amount of functionality. There are a variety of new features available in the latest version of SutiExpense, including the addition of an auditor role, better integration with NetSuite, including the ability to categorize transactions automatically, the ability for employees to choose approvers to route their expense reports to, enhanced QuickBooks integration using Web Connector, and the ability to restrict employees from adding line item expenses manually in order to reduce the incidence of fraud.

SutiExpense offers easy receipt processing, with users able to snap a photo of a receipt and easily upload the image into the application. Users can also use a webcam to snap a photo, or receipts can be submitted to SutiExpense via email, fax, or by scanning. SutiExpense uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to read receipt details, which will auto-populate data into an expense report.

SutiExpense offers multiple access levels, with admins able to set up each user by role, with approval flow set up during this process as well. The product offers multi-currency capability with transactions automatically converted into the default currency.

All travel related tasks can be handled in SutiExpense including booking flights, hotels, and car rentals, with the transactions flowing directly into SutiExpense automatically. The product’s mobile app integrates with mobile GPS, allowing users to easily track miles traveled. The product does not offer time tracking capability or employee timesheets.

SutiExpense users can easily import credit card transactions directly into the application, with users able to choose specific transactions to import, or simply import all expenses.

Custom workflows can be set up in SutiExpense, with admins able to create approval thresholds for each individual role or department. Alternate approvers can also be set up in SutiExpense, which will automatically reroute reports if the original approver is unavailable. All approvers will be notified via email when a report is ready to be approved. Approvers have the ability to approve expenses by line item, with rejected expenses returned to the submitter, while the rest of the report can be submitted for reimbursement.

Specific business rules can be defined in SutiExpense, including spending limits and per diem rates. Companywide rules can also be implemented, or can be assigned to specific users. If an expense policy is violated or limits exceeded, users will be prompted to change their reimbursement total to comply with the rule.

SutiExpense uses OCR technology, extracting totals on scanned receipts directly into an expense report, eliminating the need to add data manually. Users can save their report as a draft, adding additional information prior to submitting. The application offers intelligent voice capture technology, allowing users to speak expense details, with SutiExpense categorizing and entering the expense automatically.  

SutiExpense offers good reporting options, with a series of analytic reports available that highlight employee spending and department expenses, as well as details on all expense categories. Standard reports are available, though users can also create custom reports as well. All reports can be exported to a CSV file or to Microsoft Excel for further customization if needed. Reports can also be saved as a PDF.

SutiExpense offers integration with numerous third-party applications such as QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, SAP, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, and Oracle. The product also integrates with Paychex, ADP, Salesforce, Office 365, and Dropbox.

SutiExpense users can access product support directly from the website. Toll-free telephone support is also available during regular business hours, with email support available as well. Users can also fill out a product support request using a form on the vendor’s website. The SutiExpense website also includes informational videos and whitepapers.  

SutiExpense is well suited for businesses of all sizes and offers scalability, with three product editions available. The Professional edition runs $7.00 per user per month, and offers basic expense functions. The Premium and Enterprise editions offer more in-depth features and functionality, including the ability to integrate travel booking as well as the ability to import corporate credit card transactions. Pricing for both the Premium and Enterprise edition is available upon request from SutiExpense, and a free demo is available for those interested in the product.

2019 Rating – 4.75 Stars