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2019 Review of SpringAhead Expense Management

SpringAhead is a time and expense tracking application that also includes solid expense report creation. SpringAhead is well-suited for mid-sized businesses, particularly those that need to track time and expenses for employees.

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[From the 2019 reviews of Expense Management systems.]

SpringAhead is a time and expense tracking application that also includes solid expense report creation. SpringAhead is well-suited for mid-sized businesses, particularly those that need to track time and expenses for employees.

SpringAhead is a web-based application that can be used on multiple platforms. While the application offers solid expense report creation, its true strength is in time tracking. SpringAhead offers easy navigation, with the user interface resembling an expense report. Unfortunately, the product does not offer the ability to snap a photo of a receipt to upload, but users can scan or fax receipts directly to the application, where they will be stored in the receipt archive to be accessed when creating an expense report. All uploaded receipts are later matched with the correct accounting transaction using SmartVault, which integrates with SpringAhead. Annotations can be added to each transaction, and users can easily split and itemize transactions as needed.

SpringAhead offers multiple user access levels, with access levels set during the product setup process. Users can also set up multiple currencies during the product setup process, so users can use multiple currencies on their expense report, with the product automatically converting currency amounts as they are entered. Multiple approvers are supported in SpringAhead as well, with approvers assigned during the setup process as well.

Though it offers solid expense report creation, SpringAhead strength lies in its time tracking capability, offering web accessible timesheets along with multiple time tracking modes, with users able to choose from daily, weekly, time in/time out, and clock in and clock out options available. Users can also track time by task, making SpringAhead a good option for outside contract employees as well. SpringAhead does not offer automatic mileage tracking, though users can track mileage separately and enter the appropriate amount. With a focus on time tracking, the product does not offer integration with any travel apps.

The product does offer the ability to connect to banking institutions and can automatically download transactions directly into SpringAhead. Users can also upload banking transactions directly into SpringAhead if desired.

SpringAhead does offer a variety of options for the report approval process, with administrators able to create single or multiple approvers as needed. Approvers can be set up using a variety of criteria including employee, project, or dollar mount, with all corresponding timesheets sent to the appropriate approver. Both reimbursement rates and expense controls can also be set up in SpringAhead for any expense account. Once an approver receives a timesheet or an expense report, they will receive an email notifying them that a report/timesheet is waiting for approval. Though there is no direct reimbursement option, users can choose to utilize their own accounting software to process expense reimbursements promptly.

SpringAhead does offer solid reporting capability, with a good variety of standard reports available. All reports include drill down capability, and users can easily export reports to a CSV file or to Microsoft Excel for further customization. All reports can be saved as a PDF as well. Report viewing is restricted by user, so users will only see the reports that pertain to their position.

SpringAhead offers integration with all Windows versions of QuickBooks including the U.S., Canada, and UK editions as well as QuickBooks Online. The product also integrates with Sage 50, and Microsoft Dynamics as well as Paychex, SurePayroll, SmartVault, and recruiting software such as Bullhorn, Sendouts, MaxHire, and WinSearch.

SpringAhead uses a three-step approach for setting up the product, offering users a series of videos that can make the setup process easier. The SpringAhead Help Center offers a variety of help and support tools including training videos, user guides, and a searchable knowledgebase. Both administrator and implementation guides are available to download as well. SpringAhead offers toll-free support during regular business hours, or users can submit support questions via email as well.

While the expense report capability is solid, SpringAhead’s true focus in on employee/contractor time tracking. For mid-sized businesses that need to track time and expenses, SpringAhead can be a good solution. SpringAhead is currently priced at $50.00 per month for the first 10 licenses, with each additional license running $5.00 each.

2019 Star Rating 4.25 Stars